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By RefactorU

Quick Intro

An easy to use transit app for the Boulder/Denver area


Gives nearby bus-stops, times, and bus routes given users geolocation and time of the day.

Judging Instructions

You simply click on the big button in the center of the page and it finds nearby stops and times. Busboy works via geolocation, so unfortunately it only works in Boulder, CO right now.

What they Used

RTD data, Web Sockets, HTML5 browser geolocation, momentjs


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  • contestant


    The design is really nice and clean, and great Missouri t-shirt. It would have really be nice to be able to demo the app even though I'm not in the Denver area though.

  • judge


    I'm not in Boulder/Denver, but this app looks really nice and, judging from the video, is really useful as long as you're there. I haven't seen stuff like that in a while.

  • judge

    A Medicore Corporation

    I really like this as a hackday project because even though it's not particularly novel or inventive you guys embraced the simplicity and tried to build something extremely easy to use.

    Liked that you guys went over the code. Wish you would have showed how you're fetching transit data a bit more and possibly gone over how you would get started adding more cities into the app.

    Looks like the app would work well on a mobile device (which is likely where you'd want to use this type of app the most). I'd also be interested in other data visualizations you could provide rather than a text based representation of the bus times... including something on a map interface.

    Cool app guys!

  • judge


    I like the concept. It was a bit limited and simplistic. For demo purposes it would have been nice to have made the distance limit configurable from the app so if you're not near Boulder that you could at least see some data.

    Loved the "Made in Colorado with <3" footer :)

  • judge

    Filter Squad

    I'm a sucker for good transport apps (having built several in my time) - I like the concept, especially providing something pretty generic that can be repurposed elsewhere.

    Testing here is obviously hard being on the complete other side of the world, but based on the video and what testing I could do, I'd say it looks like a great starting point - more time spent on presenting the information in the future would be useful, but the integration and real time aspect is great for the weekend.

    Also, the bus wobble is the most amusing animation I've seen so far!

  • contestant

    Seems useful! I like the simplicity of the app and the interface.

  • judge


  • contestant
  • judge


    Couldn't test it because I'm not in boulder, but watching from the video I'm marking points off for lack of map. Based on the data you appear to have, it should be possible to track nearby buses in real time on a map.

  • contestant

    It is hard to test it when you are not in Denver :) From video it looks like you can add much more features to make it more useful and let you find the right route for the specific destination.

  • contestant

    It solves a real problem.

  • judge


    I'm sure this is valuable if I could try the demo as a user in Boulder. I know that would have been extraneous if you were actually building this, but a good demo experience might go a long way if you were trying to sell this concept to a city as well.

  • contestant

    Love the bus icon as loading spinner. Wonder how you came up with that idea!

  • contestant


    Well designed transit app. Wasn't useful for me in Sf, and I've seen it a few times before but This is a classic example. Since I couldn't use it, I'm not sure about the rest of the site or outside the video but I liked it.

  • contestant

    Nice job guys! really useful, but I've seen it in other places. Nice use of Node.js!


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