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Solar Badlands

By Polar Badlands

Quick Intro

A text-based RPG game played through Twitter. Complete with a front-facing web interface where you can review your log, and other helpful information.


Allows Twitter users to tweet @solarbadlands to play through a text-based RPG game.

Judging Instructions

To begin using our application, simply tweet "Start Game" to @solarbadlands. Our web interface is optimized for the latest versions of all browsers.

What they Used

Node, Express, Jade, LESS, Twit, Bootstrap, Twitter API, MongoDB, FontAwesome.



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  • judge


    Pretty cool idea but I am not sure twitter is the best medium for issuing commands, I kept getting duplicate status when i wanted to issue the same command twice.

    That said it did bring back memories of the old text based adventure games.

    Certainly a good start.

  • judge

    Great idea but I found this ultimately kind of frustrating! Partly due to the awkwardness of the iteration via the Twitter web interface (perhaps through a phone app it'd be more fun). The interaction was difficult, I kept wondering what I needed to be doing to make it do something interesting. Perhaps I'm just not schooled enough in the text-based RPG genre? Great innovation though! Well done.

  • contestant


    Worked great, best of luck!

  • judge


    This was clever but simple idea. Worked like a champ. My only critique is it would make my twitter feed noisy :-)

  • contestant

    Interesting idea. I'm not into RPGs myself. I'm sure on a technical level, it's awesome. It might have been a good idea to have a demo/quick play option for anyone who didn't want to confuse their twitter followers with these tweets.

    • mlms13

      Thanks for the feedback! Since you'd be tweeting directly at @solarbadlands, it shouldn't show up in your followers' feeds unless they also follow solarbadlands. But a play-on-the-website-without-tweeting feature is definitely a good idea and it's in the works. It just didn't make the 48-hour cut. :)

    • jedireza

      48 hours goes by so fast :)

  • judge


    This is super fun! i'm back in 1980! however, the twitter-based interface, while clever, is clunky. the order of messages within twitter's own client is not ideal for this flow. a huge win would have been the in-app message history being interactive, and allowing me to tweet right there. Also, in twitter's client, got a "Whoops! You already tweeted that..." message when trying to go south the second time.

  • contestant

    Hey this is an awesome idea! I dig it a bunch.

  • contestant

    DUO Interactive

  • judge


    Very innovative. I never seen or heard about an RPG developed for Twitter. Scary fast which is awesome. The help tweet "" was great, I was about to give up.

    • mlms13

      Thanks for the feedback! Glad you found the HELP text. :) After seeing how many people struggle with the first few steps, we're realizing it's pretty important to rewrite the first part to guide people a bit more when they're getting started.

  • contestant

    This is a good idea. But I don’t know what’s next after I receive the first message replied by start game.

  • contestant


    Skeptical that the 140 char limit and the latency introduced by a web proxy is a great way to run a text based RPG game. BUT it's an interesting idea, and I tried it!

    I started a game and got the initial message but it didn't seem to know that I just wanted to go "SOUTH" or even "s" like you would do in an Infocom game or something.

    Cool idea - I hope you do more w/ the project.

  • contestant

    Cool :)


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