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By Persimmons

Quick Intro

Real time multiplayer word game played on a square grid.


Real time, speed-based word game. Play as many words as you can in the shortest time possible and try to capture your more tiles than your opponent(s) before time runs out. Valid words are placed automatically at the player's location.

Players can join the main room by default, or navigate to a specific room by going to persimmons.2013.nodeknockout.com/arbitrary_room_name_here. Rooms will be created if they don't already exist. Players new to a room will automatically be added at the start of the next round.

Judging Instructions

NOTE: The main lobby is buggy at the moment. Please navigate your client to any other room (e.g. persimmons.2013.nodeknockout.com/anything_here) to play.


  • Press Arrow keys to move your position on the board
  • Type any letters to form a word (backspace too)
  • Press Escape to clear your current input
  • Press Enter / Return to submit a word


Each round lasts 60 seconds. The object of the game is to claim as many tiles as possible within a round. You claim tiles by typing words and entering them. A word is valid if all conditions are met:

  • The word is comprised only of letters existing in the letter pool at the top of the screen.
  • It is a legal scrabble dictionary word of length 3 or more.
  • The word hasn't already been played by someone else.
  • It is possible to place the word, using scrabble rules, such that it intersects with your current position on the board. If so, the word will be placed automatically for you.
  • Each tile claimed is worth one point, and is marked by your player color.
What they Used

Express, Firebase, Bootstrap, Browserify, CoffeeScript, Jade, LESS, lodash, node-uuid, validator



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  • contestant
  • judge

    Coded Inc.

    Tried to play, but couldn't get it to work :(

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'myusername' of undefined, app.js:6770

  • contestant


  • judge


    My only issue with this game is the short time limit, it would be more interesting with a longer time limit. Also if you could "flash" the helper letters at the top when typing and flashing a red X somewhere to aid the user. With the letters at the top I found it hard to focus on the top, the gameboard and the input box in all different places.

  • contestant


    Classic websocket use - the graphics could be a bit pimped-out :)

  • contestant


    Great job but was having arrow key issues before moving rooms, glad you added that instruction.

  • judge


    Fun game! nicely designed. a little buggy. would be awesome to add a single player vs. AI mode!

  • contestant

    Little Workshop

    I had trouble figuring out how to play. The app could use some design to improve usability, but maybe I'm just bad at word games :)

  • contestant

    BMK Solutions

  • contestant


    Fun little game! It took me a bit to figure out that "pool" was the pool of letters and not the room name, for some reason. I think it would be cool if:

    • There is an automatic room name assigned on load and appended to the url for easy sharing (w/ the link called out on the page too)
    • It was clear when you tried to enter letters that weren't in the pool. For a while, before I really grasped the concept of the game, I was trying words and not realizing why they weren't going up on the board - thought it was broken.

    But it wasn't broken! It was fun! Great job.

  • judge

    Great concept, slightly confusing implementation. I would have like to be able to click a square to place a letter, or to click and drag a letter to a square.

  • contestant


    Very Cool. But I couldn't complete even the first round - my bad :(


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