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Pair sleep

By Parpar

Quick Intro

Arduino pairs with the mobile app over the cloud to track the movement, pushing it in real-time to the application on the mobile.


The Hackthon Goal

Pairing the Arduino Yun with a mobile device allowing the the Accelerometer to send data in real time to the mobile App.

I'd appreciate it if you read further to give your feedback about the whole idea

The big picture

A belt worn around the baby's diaper will monitor the baby's sleeping position and sleeping quality. An alert will be sent to the mobile phone application if the baby's sleeping position needs attention or changing. A breathing monitor is another important feature that will be added as future work, since I did not have enough time to implement it yet.

As a new father, the increased rate of SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome) among infants got me scared enough to be inspired to build this project; A diaper belt to track the baby's quality of sleep and breathing.

Arduino Yun tracks is one of the simple hardware to use where the baby movement information gets pushed to a cloud platform that instantly updates the mobile app. The hardware was built during the hackathon:

For the Breathing monitor, Arduino will track the stretch sensor in order to notify the parent or caregiver of any unusual breathing . unfortunately I was not able to get a stretch sensor or have enough time to build it.

Hopefully in the near future I will be working on providing and finishing an affordable breathing sensor to give a peace of mind for parents and caregivers who cant afford expensive monitoring devices.

Judging Instructions


This project main interaction is with hardware. please watch the pitch.

You could visit the mobile webapp through:

What they Used

Hardware: Arduino Yun, Accelerometer sensor, RestClient.

Cloud: sailsjs, mongodb,

Mobile/WebApp: Phonegap, Angularjs,, yeoman, grunt, bower, twitter bootstrap.



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  • contestant

    Good Idea, think it is pretty innovative and has a hight utility factor, but it is far from complete (I was going to give one star, but I know that hardware can make things harder to implement in a hackathon).

    You should definitely keep working on this.

  • judge


    I really like the idea and I think it's worth pursuing, especially as a mobile app that can be accessed when you are away as well, let's say as a parent away on a date with the child home with a baby sitter.

    I worry about the practicality and durability of attaching a belt to the child. Ideally this could be accomplished without attaching anything to the child. I understand you are trying to assess the position of the baby as well which may be difficult otherwise. Perhaps infrared video or something with night vision that could do image recognition and detect the position of the child. It would be amazing to be able to access the realtime feed or snapshots of this over mobile as well.

    I think you have a lot of opportunity to push forward with something like this. There's all sorts of other things you could do as well like simply monitoring the temperature in the room, the lighting levels, noise levels, an sensor on the crib mattress to detect movement to know how restless the child is... all of this could be correlated together and you could possibly alert the parent when, for example, the temperature in the room goes below a certain level or the child seems restless.

    Nice Job!

  • judge

    10gen, MongoDB Company

    As a parent myself I totally see the appeal of this and wish you best of luck to bring it to market. This might be a good candidate for a kickstarter.

  • judge


    Lots of promise. Of course lots of work needed to get it to a polished state.

  • contestant


    The new baby monitor - hop you'll go production with this ;]

    • 3emad

      That's the plan, am looking for a hardware partner already, get it into an incubator and launch it at kickstarter. And then world domination ^^

  • contestant

    Great idea! I wanna see more use cases for the Arduino, this is certainly an interesting one.

    • 3emad

      Thanks Vlad!

  • judge

    A Medicore Corporation

    Hard to tell from the pitch how the belt would work. I'm assuming it's worn by the baby during sleep?

    With the prototype you've built I'd love to see if you could figure out what typical data patterns looks like during normal sleep so you could provide the mobile app with push notifications when something looks out of the ordinary.

    • 3emad

      The Main objective for this hackathon was to pair the Arduino Yun with a mobile device allowing the the Accelerometer to send data in real time to the mobile App.

      I did include the bigger picture of this hackthon to get feedback this awesome hackathon community.

      In the future, yes it will be a belt worn on the baby's diaper and will alarm the parents when the movement is out of ordinary ( could save a life from SIDS ) , and the ability to see how your baby is doing vs other babies.

  • contestant

    Nice connection between Node.js and hardware. Neat idea behind it. Well done Emad.

  • judge


    It would be useful but it's not clear how the hardware will work. Is a belt accelerometer sensor enough to assess the quality of the sleep and especially unusual breathing? There are no details about the quality assessment algorithm. I assume a lot more sensors and some sort of trainable (self-learning) algorithms would be required.

    • 3emad

      Thanks Cristian for your feedback.

      I noticed my description is confusing ( hackthon entry vs visionary project ), I'll fix it.

      For breathing, I'll be using a stretch sensor. and totally agree with the trainable algorithm since each baby is different.

  • contestant

    Awesome idea, man. We used an angelcare monitor with our kids but this platform could be much better and more reliable. Would love to see it come to market.

    • 3emad

      Thanks! Will keep you posted for future prototypes. would always love to hear your feedback!

  • contestant

    Kind of awesome idea, but kind of weird. I have no kids yet but it seems kinda paranoid to attach your kid to a machine at all times. I don't get the breath monitor - didn't see any graphs on the site, nor do I see a pitch video. I like hardware hacks, but it's so hard to judge them.

    • 3emad

      I have uploaded the video. I hope it helps you to judge it.

  • contestant

    Editora Abril

    • 3emad

      I'd appreciate a feedback.


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