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Project Dialogues

By outcold

Quick Intro

Project Dialogues is a comment hosting service with a lot of different customizations (where to store, how to show, etc).


Project Dialogues allows you to add support for commentaries on your web site or blog in couple seconds. This is an example with minimal configuration and this is an example with different set of customizations (markdown support is one of them) And of course you can try example on with Markdown, Scrolling support, Instance Updates (with help of

Judging Instructions

Google Chrome and Safari are verified. Open, or one of the examples on jsfiddle or Also you may try to open with two browser tabs and see how instance updates work.

You also can take a look on source code, I did not have a time for the file, but this is what you can find right now:

What they Used

npm modules: mongodb, gravatar, underscore,, async, akismet-api. JavaScript libraries: jquery,, momentjs, marked, highligh, bootstrap.



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  • contestant

    Good comment system with Markdown support!

  • judge


    Looks promising, I would suggest a minimalist approach in terms of dependencies. After the competition, get rid of Bootstrap and jQuery for example, they're great libs but totally overkill for this (but I also completely understand why it was necessary to use them for the competition).

  • contestant


    I really like (and use) Disqus and always wanted a way to customized more it. That's a service that I'll really use, cool idea!

  • contestant

    I like it. The live, as it willl look, box below the entry is great. Love the markdown. Great job.

  • judge

    This is so impressive from a solo entry, much more going on here than many team entries so congratulations! There's ton's of potential here and I feel a bit silly giving advice because you seem to be on top of all of this, but here goes anyway. My main critique is that it's very resource-heavy. Using jQuery, and Bootstrap in particular make this huge for browsers to use. I'm sure this is just for ease of deployment and development during the 48 hours but I'd love to see this trimmed down significantly for production deployment. adds a nice real-time feature but I'm really not sure whether the utility of this justifies the overhead of the resources and complication both back and front ends. Regardless of all that, this is fantastic, I really look forward to seeing this mature. Get this baby in npm now even if you think it needs to mature more!

    • outcoldman

      Thank you for feedback! Yep, at the end I will try to make less resource-heavy.

  • judge

    Awesome stuff. Good concept well executed.

  • judge

    CompliSpace Technology Pty Ltd

    This is very good and I think it fills a missing gap to enable good looking, customisable and embedded commentaries.

    While I haven't taken a deep look at the source code, I would like to see if it can be embedded and used on a private site with restricted access - a 'members only' kind of thing.

    • outcoldman

      Did not implement yet 'members only' feature, but it will be on my agenda.

    • If there was a rating for customer service you should rate highly, good on you for following up with judges comments!

  • judge


    Very nice, very useful. I like that you took a simple idea, and actually built it out to make it really usable.

  • contestant


    Disqus has proven that this is something that is valuable. The implementation here is easy and I'm including that as part of my design score, with reasonable customizations. I would want threading in a more-complete version of this.

    I've just judged two Disqus knockoffs in a row, so I'm moving my innovation score downward.

  • contestant
  • contestant

    UC Berkeley

    Looks pretty cool.

  • contestant

    I like the simplicity and the examples - especially showing in jsfiddle how easy it is to get started. Great job for a one-man team!

  • contestant


    Good simple comments tool for the first project

    • outcoldman

      Why so low score? :( Not for the contest but let me know how it can be improved?

    • mansuleman

      Edited; features in the ToDo list are good to add

    • outcoldman

      Will do, thanks!

  • contestant


    Awesome stuff for a first node.js project :)

  • judge


    Splendid presentation, very thorough and clear! Also, very useful, kudos for the smart browser API!

  • judge
  • contestant


    The presentation is simple and clean. Aesthetically pleasing comments and easy set up are very nice. Moderation is mandatory on something like this, so I scored it a little lower on completeness for that reason.

  • contestant

    nice entry!

  • contestant

    A little bit too much like disqus, hence my low utility/innovation rating (though I really like the support for markdown). Design is clean. Edit and moderation would have been a plus. Congrats for releasing a working version of your project in only 48 hours!


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