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By oppa

Quick Intro

Style filter for git that allows developers using different coding styles to work on the same repository.


It separates coding style from canonical part of code, currently based on syntax tree, so that developers using different styles can work on the same code base without conforming to a single style.

Judging Instructions

Overall usage is describe on the initial landing page. There are two parts in the app: style parser and git wrapper. We did not manage to finish integration due to difficulties on git security requirements in push encountered during final deployment. The git wrapper can be tested on the main page and style parsing can be tested on style-parser/index.js

What they Used

Depends on connect, express, pushover and git-server.



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  • contestant

    Nice tool for unifying the coding style!

  • contestant

    Simple and neat!

  • contestant


    Looks really cool! We had issues integrating git via a node process on the server, as well. You have to make sure they can run in the same user/group I think. Great idea for a project! Is there a module that you're planning on releasing?

  • contestant

    I miss a proper documentation and description on your startpage. As it seems you wrote a library and not a web app, don't you? I could not figure out how to download/use your "app". But it's a good tool.

  • contestant

    I like the idea, but the site just seems like a bunch of static text. I realized it's supposed to represent an actual example, but it would have been nice to see something demoed.

  • contestant

    Did not get how to try this app

  • contestant

    Didn't have a repository to test it out on, but the idea is clever and allows for stylistic freedom between collaborators. Nice job.

  • contestant

    Seems like a useful Idea, wish it worked so I could try it out.


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