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By OhNoes!

Quick Intro

Take on some of the most evil despots in history in a battle at the end of time. Customize your dictatorial abilities to take on all comers in a series of rant offs, to find out once and for all who is the greatest dictator!


Dictator! is a game where you customize your dictator's skills to try to make him or her as effective a despot as possible. Once prepared, press "Rant!" to pit your dictator against another player at random. Your skills will be compared the rival dictator, with a score being awarded to each player by a super-secret scoring algorithm. The overall goal is to progress up the leaderboard by beating as many rival dictators as possible.

Judging Instructions

Go to http://ohnoes.2013.nodeknockout.com/. Log in is via Twitter, which will take you to the title screen, then press "Play".

What they Used

express, nko, passport-twitter, proxyquire, mocha, chai, jquery, jquery ui, director.js. adobe brackets



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Other Votes

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  • contestant

    Bank of Canada

    I didn't really understand what I was supposed to do with this game. I think your super secret algorithm could use a little publicizing so it's more evident how to play this game.

  • contestant


    I'm not usually a big fan of text based games, but I could see how this would be fun if you were.

  • judge


    This was very confusing to me.

    • EdJ

      Would you care to elaborate? I'd be interested in what, specifically, confused you, so we could better evaluate our entry for next time.

  • contestant

    I didnt really understnad how to change my dictator, but I did have fun playing against others. Wouldbe nice to have an improved UI and more details about why you lost/won.

  • judge

    Deutsche Telekom AG

    Interesting idea. I suggest to improve the user interface to make it more appealing to others.

  • contestant


    sounds fun!

  • contestant

    There are only two things I didn't like:

    1. There was no feedback to the save button
    2. When I increased my moustache bushiness the magnificence dropped - not a very realistic simulation
  • contestant


    A fun idea, but I expected at least an animation and some kind of interactivity when facing my opponent.

  • contestant

    I liked the flavor, but the current state wasn't very fun or interesting to me.

  • judge


    I really dislike being forced to sign in to play such a simple game with a third-party service. Why couldn't I just create a quick account locally?

    Utility/Fun: I ranted once and immediately lost my excitement for the game. Why was I doing this? Perhaps this style of game is just not my cup of tea.

    Design: The design is far too minimalist for me to use easily. It took me watching your video 3 times to figure out that "Edit" and "Switch" were not a single link, but in fact, 2 separate links. I kept clicking "Switch" thinking it was "Edit Switch" and I was going to edit a switch and get your slider UI from the video.

    Innovation: What's new here?

    Completeness: I'm really unsure how much further you could go with this, but the "game" didn't really feel complete to me, as there was really just one thing to do (rant). Once that was done, it seemed that it would just be continual tweak, rant, tweak, rant with no end-game in sight.

  • contestant

    Ha! I laughed at the stash types. High marks for innovation!


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