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Connectivity Check

By NodeThX

Quick Intro

Check and share connectivity for the most popular web services


Troubleshoots network connections for all the modern web technologies like WebSockets and WebRTC. Provides a unique url that the tester can share with an expert or developer

Judging Instructions

Just push the button at

What they Used

Node Libraries

express jade async logg lodash validator when slug crude matchdep middlewarify collections opentok node-syslog node-entity yaml actorify bcrypt grunt-contrib-clean grunt-contrib-concat grunt-contrib-copy grunt-open grunt-contrib-uglify grunt-contrib-cssmin grunt-contrib-connect grunt-contrib-imagemin grunt-shell chai sinon grunt-contrib-watch grunt-parallel grunt-mocha-test mocha long-stack-traces supertest grunt-express-server grunt-contrib-sass config ws mantri mongoose

Frontend Libraries

jQuery modernizr sass-bootstrap lodash mantri when eventEmitter jquery-ui



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Other Votes

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  • judge

    SimBin Studios

    Clean execution, both in usage and design. Does one thing and does it well.

  • judge


    A limited use tool, which could be very valuable in very specific situations.

    Bug report: Click the button. Get results. Go back. Click the button again. Get:

  • judge

    Deutsche Telekom AG

    Interesting tool, special interest in my opinion. I really like the simplicity, not hard to wrap your head around. Good UI.

  • contestant

    like this .

  • contestant

    Nice and clean! easy to use

  • judge


    Would like to have seen more something like a speedtest. Its very clean.

  • contestant

    Awesome, I see myself using this in the future :)

  • contestant


    useful, thumbs up!

  • judge

    Simple and easy. I like that. I can see the utility in this when tech people ask luddites what browser they're using that's causing problems. Glad to see that you're solving a problem.

  • judge


    Really nice troubleshooting tool!

  • contestant

    Really useful, good design.

  • contestant


    Simple, basic, clean - not very verbose but still useful.

  • judge


  • contestant

    Interesting idea, probably useful when debugging a certain type of web applications. I really like the ability to share the result with a unique url. Great job!

  • contestant


    Cool little tool for browser, wish you had exposed an API for developers to run test and use in the app.


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