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By nodesque

Quick Intro

Based on the party game created by Andrew Plotkin for seven or more players, now available online. Play with friends anywhere in the world as if they’re next to you in the same village.


The werewolves party game with voip chatting and in-browser voting.

The game is supposed to work by putting all the players into the same teleconference during the day phase, and allowing them to discuss and vote for how they think the wolf is.

Once the round is called, we move the 'sleeping' portion of the group into a different conference room, where every body is muted. This allows the wolves to pick their next victim without the others knowing who it is.

Throughout the game we have recorded dozens of pieces of narration for specific events in the game ('first night falls', 'you killed your seer', 'werewolves win') and the whole thing actually takes on the characteristics of an interactive radio drama.

Judging Instructions

We didn't manage to complete this unfortunately. The bits that are working is that it dials in and you get deposited into an on-going round as a player, that never ends. The audio narration that is played, is actually being played over the VOIP connection as "hold music", if you will on the group chat room that the game occupies.

We will be finishing this in the very near future, but obviously it is too late for the competition. Now that we have the time for proper unit tests to get the time sensitive logic debugged we should have something out in the next week or two (normal jobs permitting)

What they Used

socket.io, tropo, phono, Node.js, Browserify, Grunt, Backbone, Marionette, Coffeescript, Jade.



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  • contestant


    Such a shame it's not finished - could be fun ;]

  • contestant

    This seems like a really cool idea. I have never played a party game like this, but I have always thought it would be interesting. It would be a lot of fun to go online and play something like this with strangers. I look forward to seeing the finished product. :)

  • contestant

    I like the idea. I wasn't quite sure what to do after I clicked the play now button. I listened to the audio after I clicked the accept microphone input button.

    I was entertained though :)

  • contestant

    Great idea I have to say. This game happens to be very fun when played. Unfortunately it looks like when I get to your site, it gets an error accessing local media. It probably should ask me if it can access my local media though. I'm not sure how I am supposed to play the game on the site either. It has a nice design though! It will be a pretty awesome site when finished.

  • contestant

    This is a cool idea, but seems incomplete. It looks like you go straight into a voting phase and there's not UI indication of what should be going on.

  • contestant


    I was really looking forward to playing this, but it doesn't seem to work! I sat there for a minute, listened to the whole intro (a bit long but still entertaining) and then it looked like a rave party underneath the wolf-- colors flipping like crazy.

    I'll try this again another time, maybe it'd work differently with more players.


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