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Quick Intro

We have built cities out of github repositories and made citizens out of forks. We have got statistics for node.js forks calculated Karma based on two Karmas: author and contributor. Currently we take into account commits and time of commits, but planning to calculate using much more parameters. We have calculated rating of node.js cities based the stars, contributors, subscribers, open issues and forks. Based on the rating we have built the list of the largest node.JS cities.


Current state: Our idea is to build towns and cities out of github repositories, citizens out of forks and countries out of languages. No matter what real cities the users are from github users become citizens of their cities. This is a new world, an open source one which is being built around open source projects. Our idea is inspired by the following article: What we did during the Hackathon? We have citizens the statistics for Javascript forks particularly node.js from Github and calculated Karma. There are two Karmas: author and contributor Karma. Currently we take into account commits and time of commits. Compound Karma for each citizen is being calculated as the average between author and contributor Karma, whence the Contributor Karma has higher measure. We believe that people who contribute to other people's repositories bring much more value to the community than the authors themselves. Everybody can transparently see how the ratings are calculated.

Future: Each city will have active and passive citizens and tourists just as any other city in the real world. And like in a real world people have Karma, and cities and countries have rating similar to "AAA, AA+, etc." rating in the real world. We'll improve algorithms of calculating Karma to take into account user activities such as commit rates, comments and issues. Active citizens are those who contribute into open source projects a lot, comment a lot, help others, so their Karma is high. The rating for cities is dependent on overall amount of citizens, completed projects, many contributions (commits). We have already created mathematical model for calculating city, country and citizen rating. We'll implement that into our app after that.

Programming languages will be represented as countries. And the country rating is calculated as a compound rating for the cities and citizens of the country. We are planning to give more power to the citizens in our next versions - give opportunity to vote for features and leaders, provides badges or even gifts to top performers. Our goal is to improve the whole Open source community in the world by building new countries and cities no matter where people are really located.

Judging Instructions
  1. Homepage
  2. See most active Node citizens. Mouse over each citizen to see Karma
  3. See top cities (github repositories). You can click on each city
  4. Enter github username or repo name in order to see statistics
  5. User profile page shows Karma and statistics for each citizen
  6. City profile page shows city rating and citizens of the city


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  • contestant
  • contestant


    This reminds me a little bit of coderwall but with more user stats. I like the idea, but when I entered my github account in How to find citizen or city? I got a 500.

  • judge


    Pretty nifty, a little hard to follow and the "karma" listing is just a JSON blob.

  • judge

    Khan Academy

    An interesting idea! Seems like the implementation is still pretty early on - would be curious to see what happens once more languages and users are brought in. Was a bit of a bummer that additional analysis couldn't be run on new users that were entered (as far as I could tell - I entered my own username and it came up with 0 karma). Keep it up!

  • contestant

    Very cool. I'd have loved to have seen some visual representing the cities though. Look forward to seeing where you go with this :)

  • contestant


    guys, I'm a bit stucked..

    checkout my profile on github and see it in yours app

    it also shows that I contributed to ... but it's a fork of my repository ( and I only contributed into my one..

    looks weird..

    • 1602

      Thanks for reporting!

      Yep, these issues already was fixed, now we are processing forks in different model, and also checking user activity more accurate.

      Unfortunately all these fixes and new features are not part of this contest, that's why demo is outdated, sorry about that.

    • voronianski

      anyway, thumbs up, guys! photowall looks cool! ;)

  • contestant


    I really like the photo wall, and it all seems to work as advertised. I'm not personally convinced ny the city/citizen metaphor and the UI could do with some more polish. Good job though, I hope you had fun!

    • mansuleman

      Hello Raul. Thanks for voting for us. I have voted for you too, but made mistake when submitting sorry. I have edited my vote. Can you please let us know how you think we can improve our project?

  • contestant

    Nice job guys, I wish it had more info for normal developers and not just the "super" devs. It is like klout but for github. Check out Reminds me a bunch of that.

  • contestant


    Quite a useful tool - the input form should have some kind of validation - it causes errors when the repo-name isn't provided.

  • judge

    It is a very innovative idea. There could have been more interesting UI for presentation.

    • 1602

      Thank you! Participation in NKO for us just start and attempt to get some inspiration for future work. Unfortunately only 1 developer and PM in team at the moment, that's why UI sucks, anyway, we will continue that project and add more love in UI. At the moment we are working on deeper repository analyse, including comments, issues and activity in forks.

  • judge


    I like the concept, it's like Klout for open-source. Some comments: Incomplete karma for some users. Contributions are wrong.

    • 1602

      Thanks for reporting issues, currently it is fixed, but I don't think it's fair to deploy after end of challenge, but I will release proper version with richer feature set by the end of this week to another host.

  • contestant


    Great idea- the stats for contributors is executed well and interesting. I with the cities id more than displayed JSON data though, maybe I'm doing something wrong.

  • contestant

    I love this idea. I've been thinking about aggregating this data for a long time now. Great stuff.


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