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GeoSpace : GeoFencing and GeoSearching as a Service

By Node Ninja Turtles

Quick Intro

GeoSpace is the API which provides the GeoFencing an GeoSearching capabilities as a service. Third party apps can use this API to instantly enable Geo Intelligence in their application.


GeoSpaceAPI is in plain terms GeoFencing and GeoSearching as a SERVICE.
The API is built in such a way that it is easy to use and implement in any kind of application that needs some geo intelligence.

Using the GeoSpace API you can do the following: -->Manage the "Geo Entities" in the geographical space. -->Search on basis of within a specified region. -->Search on basis of nearest. -->Find whose region intersect with others. If a entity has come in touch of other entity. -->Find entity who is completely inside others. If a entity has come completely inside of other entity of other entity. -->WEBHOOK: The application reiggers the webhook on your server whenever the entity intersects or leaves other entities. GeoFencing.

Some of the features the GeoSpace API provides are: -->A complete admin dashboard -->Ability to get the usage statistics of your account. -->Ability to view complete AccessLogs for analysis and debugging purposes. -->WebHook management.

Judging Instructions

-->Create an account -->Activate using email -->Go to dashboard and get the API Access Keys -->Read the API Docs from the API docs section on the dashboard.(Top Navigation). -->Try out the API's.

What they Used

Following is used to build GeoSpace: -->MongoDB -->ExpressJS -->MongooseJS -->MongoHQ -->AngularJS -->Twitter Bootstrap -->FlexiGrid -->MailGun -->JQuery -->Request(NodeJS, mikael) -->NodeJS



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    Good idea.

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    Awesome ...

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    IntelliGrape Software

    Very Nice GeoFencing API, would be useful in many scenarios.


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