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Quick Intro

Real-time analytics dashboard for Node Knockout


NKO Analytics is a real-time dashboard for Node Knockout participants

Most free analytics tools do not show real-real-time access information. Given NKO allows only 2-day long dev time, developers have to make changes every minute; so it is important for them to know how much their websites attract visitors. If there is one dashboard that logs how well each participant is doing, they can learn from the high-traffic sites, and the competition becomes more exciting.

This project (Node KO Analytics) is a proof of concept that a simple analytics tool can make the hackathon a better place!

Duplicate your browser tab and see the number of visitors changes on the fly.

URL: Please shout anything to @ktanimur

Judging Instructions


The graphs are the number of real-time visitors of the site. We also log average time spent on a page. Duplicate your browser tab and see the number of visitors changes dynamically.

At the top of the page, there are buttons to change the sorting order: visitors, ave. time, name. You can also search name or domain of the site using the top bar.

Tested on Chrome 30, Firefox 25, Safari 7, Mobile Safari (iOS7)


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  • judge

    10gen, MongoDB Company

    Nice little live tracker for a given website and super easy to setup.

    • Thank you! You are the first one who mentioned the easiness of integration!

  • contestant

    Works well :)

  • contestant

    Spatial Automation Lab -- University of Wisconsin, Madison / 3D Systems / Bespoke Innovations

    Nice package, though there are already a lot of analytics tools out there. Still, I think this could be pretty useful if it is developed further.

    • Thanks for the review. Sure I would think to develop further.

  • contestant


  • judge


    Seems to work; unfortunately not too many people on the site when i tried it. The dashboard was confusing to me. Also why it is 2 pages and not one page.

    • It is unfortunate that you did not see the graphs are jumping around. Since I did not want to degrade the user experience, I chose pagination instead of infinity scroll in order to avoid rendering too many graphs at the same time

    • And thanks for the review :)

  • judge

    Deutsche Telekom AG

    Works like you expect it to work, could still use some more features & a good visual designer. Lacks something really knew I haven't seen before.

    • Thanks for the review. I will think super super new stuff next year!

  • judge


    Very clean design, love the realtime graphs.

  • contestant

    It's a perfect little tool for the competition, very clear goal.

    • Thanks! It's great that multiple teams are helping each other!

  • contestant


    Basic real time analytics - works, works good :)

    • Thanks! Yes, it is working! More importantly, I wanted to connect NKO teams through this dashboard

  • contestant

    Cool idea and well executed. I wish I had added it to my site before the coding ended! It would be interesting to see some longer-term trends too, like a graph of how many concurrent visitors you have over 1 hour or over 1 day.

    • Thanks for the review! Time window change is a definitely good idea

  • contestant
    • Thanks for the review! I hope this analytics will be used as an official feature of the NKO team page for the next year


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NOV 9-15
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