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By Monster

Quick Intro

Kaline is a simple scheduling tool for those, like myself, who are no good at using a calendar... Kaline will send you reminders to keep you on track of whatever you do throughout the day.


Send Reminders to your phone. Go to http://kaline.launchrock.com/ to get a complete picture of my app

Judging Instructions

Click on the Guest button in the navigation bar. then fill out the form ( your phone # does not get saved to the db ) like so:

  • to: +13205555555 (The +1 is important)
  • frequency: 'every'
  • when: 2 minutes (or 'minute' - for receiving a text every minute .. it's really hardcore and annoying...)
  • Task: Get back to work!
  • click submit and you are done

setting the frequency to 'every', does make Kaline go in 'Aggressive mode'. And the message will not stop unless you text her back the Keyword : 'STOP' , if you want to resume receiving notifications then you can text her at any time the keyword: 'START'

What they Used

Nodejs, Expressjs, mongoose and MongoLAB ( so nice and simple !!) twilio, boostrap, passportjs, font-awesome ( which is truly awesome :D )



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  • judge


  • contestant

    Simple and cool idea, nice!

  • judge


  • contestant

    Australian Antarctic Division

    It's a pity the design is a little buggy on the add reminder page. Will this service be a free app once launched?

    Didn't get to test with my actual mobile btw.

    • Mimieam

      Yep that's the plan, tho i would need to cover the server costs somehow ...

  • contestant
  • contestant


    I like the idea but the app just isn't user friendly and visually appealing - work on these aspects and I think it can really sell in the app store.

    • Mimieam

      Thank you :) the little glitch has been fixed already :) and my design skills are still non existent but i'm working on it ^^

  • contestant


    Cool idea, but I'm not sure this is something I'd actually use

    • Mimieam

      It is not for everyone ^^ especially those who are good are planning :) for now I'm enjoying greatly not having to write things on paper that i don't read again anyway ( my main issue...) and just receiving a random text ( i'm using a slightly improved version ^^) about what is to be done next a what time and an estimate time to perform the task :)

  • contestant

    Sequoia Capital

    I think I could see this being pretty helpful / valuable to a person like me who has ADHD and has trouble sticking to something for a while, but I wonder if there's a more elegant way to solve this problem than just a regular text reminder?

    Also, on the UI side of things, I think you could maybe think about directing people to your app as a first time user a bit better - The judging instructions would then be extraneous...

    • Mimieam

      I appreciate the feedback, And if you have any suggestion related to a more elegant way than a text reminder i would definitely love to hear them :) - And yes my UI need a lot more work to facilitate the usage.

  • judge


    google calendar sends me texts. and there are other similar services out there. I got the ping message. STOP worked too.

    • Mimieam

      I see your point, and while google calendar does a great job at this, When i get up in the morning in don't have time to go online or on a n app then set up some reminders for the day... i just wanted a simple way to schedule. But the one thing that I do without thinking is texting. Being able to just text my app to schedule my day was my main idea :) sorry if it wasn't clear... I'm still learning to pitch ^^ . thank you for the feedback

  • judge

    I think the overall project works and runs alright but the real usage of this is my problem. There are so many websites and mobile apps that come together as calender/reminder tools and this one just adds to the pile. The design was lacking considering the CSS of the form was out of wack. You did an alright job but next time, take more time to develop an idea that is innovative and more useful in the day to day lifestyle.

    • Mimieam

      Thank you for the feedback, and yes i did not know how to fully explain my idea. the main difference with the other apps is that users will be able to interact with my app by just texting. I design this app with the idea that i don't want to spend time in some complicated service /form to set up reminders. So a typical use would be, wake up in the morning take 2 minutes to text your reminders to Kaline and move one with your day ^^ then go on in the app if you want to have an overview of your currently active reminders.

  • contestant


    Very nice. This is very useful for me. Ping me once you hit the production after the nko. I would love to be your first paying user :)

    • Mimieam

      Thank you very much :) I will keep working on it in my spare time and hopefully release a version with more options for the user :)


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