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Quick Intro

Objective is your personal to-do list for the things you need to accomplish on the Internet.


Everyday there are hundreds of tasks you accomplish on the Internet, however, what about the things that manage to fall through the cracks? Most of us keep list of reminders on our smartphones or computers, but those are only designed to help you accomplish tasks offline. Isn't it about time that someone made something for all the tasks you have to complete online? That's why we made Objective.

Objective is your personal to-do list for the things you need to accomplish on the Internet. You can easily save tasks from any site with our bookmarklet and view them on the Objective website. Each task links to the URL of the page where you created it so you can accomplish more tasks quickly.


Judging Instructions
  1. Log on by connecting with your Facebook account
  2. Click on the drop-down menu next to your name and profile picture in the upper right.
  3. Click 'Bookmarklet'
  4. Drap the button up into your bookmarks bar
  5. Add tasks by clicking the 'Add to Objective' bookmark whenever browsing the web.

Support for all major browsers. If using Internet Explorer, IE 10 or above.

What they Used

jQuery, Handlebars, MongoDB, Ember.js, AJAX, SASS.



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Other Votes

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  • contestant


    I only received an error when trying to log into Facebook multiple times, Sad, because I am curious about your idea.

    Edit: Got this working with the other url, thank you! I like it, but I wonder about how you'd be able to make this a habit for people. There are other bookmarking apps out there like Pocket, that get ignored because it requires the user to remember to return and check the list.

    • ScottSmith95

      I'm very sorry about that. Try going to GetObjective.com.

    • ScottSmith95

      I'm very sorry about that. Try going to GetObjective.com.

  • contestant


    Wow, clean and simple... I might event use it!

  • judge

    Sorry guys - didn't see anything over and above any of a number of online todo tools. Also the UI could have used some polish.

  • judge

    CompliSpace Technology Pty Ltd

    I've given 3 starts for design based only on the screencast and 3 stars for innovation because I think it is a great idea! I often find myself just saving links to various note or text editors for later review and this system would be a perfect fit.

    However, for utility and completeness I have only given 2 stars, as the authentication method supports facebook only. You might think it strange, but I do not (and never will) have a facebook account. If other methods were provided for authentication I would probably increase most of these stars.

  • judge

    It was fairly functional. I would have liked a way to cancel out if I hit the button to add a task on accident.

  • judge


    This is already fully usable as is! One possible improvement would be to use a different method of getting input. Chrome always offers an option to prevent further pop-ups after the 2nd prompt.

  • judge

    I really love the design. It's clean, simple, and clear what's going on. A task list for sites, I'm not sure that I see the value proposition there. But, it's definitely original and not just any plain old task list, so good work for taking a unique angle.

  • contestant


    Good twist!

  • contestant

    Hi team Objective

    Idea is cool. It works with minimum clicks and makes lots of difference. Check list for each task will be nice.

  • contestant

    DUO Interactive

  • contestant
  • contestant

    Good idea to create tasks as quick as possible, very handy. The site looks really great. More features are welcome. Unfortunately task management area is so crowded, really hard to create something new.

  • contestant


  • contestant

    Fagbokforlaget V&B AS

    Nice cool app. Loved the bookmarklet approach. It would nice if new tasks appears in realtime. Keep it up :)


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