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Fantasy Tweet League

By Makkar Labs

Quick Intro

A head to head fantasy sports game that uses twitter popularity to award players points.


This is a fantasy sports game where two twitter users pick 5 players that fit their budget and later battle it out with each other based on which of the picked players perform better on twitter for the period of the game.

Judging Instructions
  1. Sign in with Twitter
  2. Pick 5 players who you think will be tweeted about a lot from the following screen and mind your budget
  3. There's a small waiting page while we try to find you an opponent so please try to be patient :)
  4. Once you've got an opponent a game will start and it'll pit each of your players in a head to head battle with a corresponding player from your opponent's team.
  5. In the end, the team with the greater head to head victories wins regardless of the total number of tweets that your team gets
  6. You'll need one more person to play the game with so when trying it out, DM one of us and we'll come and join in with you guys for a game Enjoy :)
What they Used

Express, NTwitter, Socketio, Passport, Bootstrap



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  • judge

    Pivotal Labs

    Seemed to stop responding a couple times when clicking battle. Would be nice to have a little more UI additions to make it more exciting. Neat idea though!

  • judge

    Nice concept. I can see there can be a lot of options to make this more fun down the road

  • contestant

    I was unable to play. Nice pictures, but I guess more visual presentation is needed based on the video, say move more things around not only numbers. Not sure why you need twitter write access.

    • madhuvishy


      The twitter write access was a mistake on our side. Thanks for your feedback. Would you like to give the game a shot? Reply here and one of us will join you. Thanks :)

  • judge


    Seems like a fun idea but I feel like the game would quickly become boring since a game is so short and only consists of a single bout.

    I didn't like that the app wanted permission from Twitter to tweet on my behalf (I think it only needed to read tweets from the Twitter API).

    • abhiin1947

      Thanks for your feedback! :)

      There is a lot more we can build on using this, leaderboards, tiny leagues between players etc. I'm sure that will make the game more competitive and interesting.

      And thanks for pointing out the permissions. Will change it soon :)

  • judge


    This is an interesting idea, though I'd like to see it expanded outside of sports (mostly because I don't know that much about this sport/players). It didn't find an opponent for me to play with though so all I could do is pick players :/

    Would be interesting, if finding opponents is hard, to at least give you the stats of your team.

  • judge

    Creative concept. Nice job on the design and layout of the game.

    It would be nice to see things like stats or player ranks for drafting players. Some way to have state across multiple battles or players.

    Overall great execution in the time allotted. Nice Job :)

    • yeskarthik

      Thank you! Yes we're looking to show up graphs and more stats on player select screen and of course add more players! We'll also bring up a leagues which makes the game more interesting and users would come back to continue.

  • contestant

    I want this for other things besides Sports!!

  • contestant


    Worked perfectly, great game!

  • judge

    I really like the simple idea. I would love to see more points given out so I could choose more popular players and see more tweets for each player of my team.

    • abhiin1947

      Thanks for your feedback :)

      We wanted to see how this worked out before we tried to add more players/credits or even other sports.

      It would be great if you could give us feedback on why we ranked so low on innovation.

    • I didn't think it was that hard to build.

  • contestant
  • judge


    I ended up having to wait a very long time (5-10 minutes) for anything to happen and missed if there was any UI going.

    Utility/Fun: I'm not big into fantasy leagues, so maybe I'm the wrong audience. However, I felt that the entertainment factor could definitely be brought up through the UI to make it seem a little less cut and dry.

    Design: Bootstrap.

    Innovation: I like the idea of real-time comparisons between search terms through something with a lot of streaming data like Twitter, but the execution of the idea in this case just wasn't all that exciting.

    Completeness: While this entry does what it says, it felt very quick and early in terms of what had been done and the types of things that can/should get done.

    Ideas for future improvements:

    • More information on how long of a wait it will be to get an opponent and collect data
    • More entertaining UI
    • Show graphs or animations of things happening (one player moving faster than others, relating to how many "points" they're accumulating, etc)
    • abhiin1947

      Thanks a lot of your feedback! :)

      I agree bootstrap is not the best we can do, but given that it's a 48 hr hackathon we thought it was our best bet.

      We did have a lot of visualizations and a leader board in the making but sadly couldn't get it out in time. It is really unfortunate that you had to try out the game at that time(2 AM+ here) or one of us would have been available to play a game against you. Thanks again for the feedback, We'll try to improve it as much as we can :)

  • judge


    Fun concept. I didn't exactly know how the points were awarded. "player who gets the maximum number of tweets in a given amount of time". Is the number of tweets @replies, or something else? What is the given amount of time? Was it just over the 60 seconds the game as running?

    • madhuvishy

      Hey, Thanks for the feedback :) We look for the number of occurrences of the players' name within those 60 seconds in the public twitter stream for now, should probably do more streamlining in future.

  • contestant


    like it because of football thematics :)

  • contestant


    This might be the highest score I've given anyone so far. Well done and visually pleasing (except for the $&@#! scroll bars). I don't recall seeing anything quite like this before. My only complaint is that I'm still waiting on an opponent. I'll leave the window open... maybe somebody else will pop in soon.

    Hey somebody showed! I should not have blown my budget on that Ronaldo guy.

    • abhiin1947

      haha, I'm really sorry it ended that way. Thanks a lot for the review. Hope you had fun :)

  • contestant

    Cool Idea, The problem it relies on live data and only happen at the time of match.

  • contestant


    Hmm, so I picked my teams and stuff, but then it just took me to /login and nothing happened. Still not quite sure what I'm supposed to do even if I made it past that page. Do I have to tweet out from my account? Wasn't going to be stoked on that if so.

    During the World Cup twitter goes crazy so I can see something like this taking off in that context!

    • madhuvishy

      Hey, looks like our server restarted when you tried hence logging you out, you should give it one more shot when you have the time :) No, you don't have to tweet from your account, it uses the public twitter stream.

    • diurnalist

      Ah cool, yeah I'm in a room waiting for a game now. That's enough for me to bump up some votes for you :)

    • madhuvishy

      Thanks so much :) I joined in, did you like the game?

    • diurnalist

      Wow... I got OWNED. Guess I don't know much about the sport (no surprise there.) Nice project! :)

    • madhuvishy

      Ha ha. I don't know much either :P The rest of the team is football maniac though :D Thanks!

  • judge
  • contestant


    Nice, super innovative. I couldn't find an opponent but your video did a good job of showing how everything worked

    • realslimkarthik

      Thanks :) If you want to play then let one of us know :)


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