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Quick Intro

A game where you need to find connections between 2 actors and/or movies. Try to get the least steps possible and share the challenge with your friends. You can also check it at


A game where you need to find connections between 2 actors and/or movies.

Try to get the least steps possible and share the challenge with your friends.

Judging Instructions

After selecting 2 actors, directors or movies on the main page, click "Try to find". After this, you should be on the game page, where you can try to find a connection between the 2 entries you selected previously.

One example of steps to reach a connection is "Kevin Bacon" -> "X-men: first class" -> "Hugh Jackman" -> "Scoop" -> "Scarlett Johansson".

Our entry should work on most modern browsers.

What they Used

Public API:;

Frontend: Backbone, Marionette, Foundation, RequireJS, SCSS, jQuery.

Backend: Express, Underscore, Mongoose, RSVP, node-tmdb;

Automated testing with Jamine;

Database: MongoDB;

Fonts: quicksand;

Icons: font awesome.



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  • judge

    Great idea on the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon concept. Wasnt able to challenge more friends, but sounds like fun.

  • judge


    It's not clear that this is a game until I read the description here. And, I still don't exactly know how to play it. That said, the concept could be cool. I would have given it more points if it were collaborative / real time with other people

  • I'm really terrible at games like this, but I was somehow able to successfully find a connection between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Pulp Fiction in 6 steps.

    I ran into a couple UI bugs while using it, which are of course to be expected after a 48 hour hackathon. In the future, I'd like to see more than just actors, directors and movies—for example, being able to use composers to link films could be very interesting. Altogether, a really great job!

  • judge

    Icon Venture Partners

    Aside from the fact I am not the target audience for this (took 15 moves to make a connection that probably should have required one), the whole "Kevin Bacon degress od separation thing is pretty cleverly done here. Seems to work well.

  • contestant


    very pretty site and font choices! I suck at this kind of game though (not a movie buff either), so definitely not very fun :P

  • contestant


    Seems like the variety of challenges is small. Looks like a final product.

  • judge

    Really nice design. Seems like a fun way to kill time. :) Good job!

  • judge


    Very fun game, some minor tweaks on the interface could improve the UX a lot.

  • judge


    Pretty fun and minimal, although my facility with the subject matter stopped me from really enjoying myself. Good work!

  • judge

    I am not much of a movie buff, but I don't think I have ever seen anything like this, very innovative! Also, great job on making it very easy to use.

  • contestant

    Learning Objects Inc.

    Fun game that reminds me of "6 degrees of kevin bacon". I wish I knew more movies/actors.

    Are the minimum connections needed for each challenge pre-computed? If so, it'd be cool to have a little HUD that scrolls down with you showing the minimum connections possible and how many you've used so far.

  • contestant


  • contestant

    Great design and technical implementation. Personally, I am not into Hollywood Celebs. In my opinion society already waste too much time on entertainment and stars. Therefor the one star in Utility/Fun.

  • judge


    This site probably has the longest life ahead of it of any I have judged so far. Fun and polished, really great work in 48 hours. The Kevin Bacon game is not earth shattering innovation, but this is by far the best implementation I have ever seen. Really nice.

  • judge

    Nice work! No bugs/glitches and cool idea to use the movie database for such a game - personally I am no movie expert at all, but that doesn't matter.

  • contestant


  • contestant
  • judge

    Project Propeller

  • contestant

    I'm terrible at these types of games because I don't watch movies enough but I enjoy trying. Played this game on a long car ride for hours. It'd be sweet if it had some more "shortest path" results so you could check someone

  • judge


    Very nice! I like the idea of using the movie data base for this game.

  • judge


    So fun. I will play this once NKO is over. Great job.

  • judge

    I'm not necessarily a movie buff, but I watch a lot of movies and follow a lot of actors. I found this to be impossibly hard and kind of gave up. Maybe I'm just not knowledgable enough. Design is nice. Didn't score higher on innovation since this is a game that has been around for a long time and doesn't seem to add anything to it or leverage Node.js. Perhaps try narrowing down the options of movies down to 3 or 5 to make it easier. Also a hint button would be nice so if I really have no idea, I could use the app to help me learn.

  • judge


    Nice, I like that they made this into a more do-able came than doing it in your head.

  • judge

    This was a very attractive little game, it looks really polished. I know very little about actors/stars/directors but was still able to play it with some degree of success. I think for the right kind of person this could be quite addictive.

  • contestant


    Wow, great job!

  • judge


    Nice app - very polished and user-friendly!

  • judge

    Zerosum Labs

    Though not terribly innovative :), this is a fun and well-designed experience for a cinephile. Could see it being a nice widget or game used or embedded on some movie fansites. Nice work guys!

  • judge


  • judge
  • contestant


    I could spend hours in this app. Very cool.

  • contestant
  • judge
  • contestant
  • contestant

    Looks gorgeous, love this type of stuff.

  • judge

    Sequoia Capital

    Pretty familiar with the game. That said, the look and feel of the site was very nice and impressive for just 48 hours.

  • judge


    Fun game based around the "6 Degrees of Separation" idea, really enjoyed playing it. Good job on the general look and feel, too.

  • contestant


    Nice use of the moviedb api

  • contestant

    Pretty cool idea. I would vote 5 for fun, but it is not for me, because I don't have a lot of knowledge about actors. But it will be good to see this project with any other data sources!

  • contestant


    Great idea and awesome design.

  • contestant


    Loved it! I spend ages trying to figure out Bacon to Johansson but made it in an embarrassing 9 steps without cheating.

    • RobertoMoura

      Nice @timripley! I need to tell the truth. You can connect Bacon to Johansson in one step. :)

  • contestant

    Really neat! I'm terrible at the game, but it's still fun. It's something that people play in meatspace once in a while--it's great that there's a digital option as well.

    I wish: (1) there was an undo button; (2) the items were alphabetically sorted; and (3) it included TV series as well.

  • judge


    This is super fun! I'd always heard about the "seven degrees of Kevin Bacon" but I'd never played it.

  • judge


    Very fun! A lot like figuring out the Bacon Number, except with any two actors. I didn't run into any bugs, and the site was well executed.

  • contestant

    Focus the Web

    Nice entry, really fun game! I lost miserably trying to find a connection between Kevin Bacon and Scarlett Johansson.

    Feedback: a "give up" button.

  • contestant

    Bravi Software / Florianópolis


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