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Quick Intro

This game was meant to be a "jump on da head" style game, like mario, but multiplayer, and with animals and some spice. The spice did not happen... Well, honestly the game part did not, either.


This game was meant to be a "jump on da head" style game with some spice. The spice did not happen... Well, honestly the game part did not, either. After you enter your name, and wait for a place in the game, you will enter the world, the world of glitches. Use the arrow buttons, and get creative. [!NOTICE: The game is not finished, we did not manage to. This may cause you to perceive it as unplayable.]

Judging Instructions

Enter name. Select character. Press select button. Enter the world, use the arrow buttons. Since the game is not finished, that's it. :( Listen to the 8 bit version of Make it with Chu. Press vote KO button. Close browser.

What they Used

angular js firebase box2d web pixijs jquery nodejs browserify



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  • judge


    Dig the music, love the 8bit, solid instructions :)

  • judge App Studio LLC

  • judge

    please finish this, I want to play! music is good though.

  • contestant

    Ah you guys used Angular and Box2D also! Curious what your physics synchronizing ideas/findings are. Planning to keep going with this game?

    I loaded up 2 tabs hoping to see myself in the other.. but I'm not sure if that's ready or I just couldn't tell what was going on :)

  • contestant

    The physics is strange a little bit... :) I like the retro design an sound. Hajrá srácok! ;)

  • contestant


    I had fun zooming the little guy completely off the screen ;) I was actually able to do more in the game than I thought I would be able to. You get extra stars for your tongue-in-cheek description. Nice hack!

  • contestant

    It has the potential to be a good game! It makes me want to play so in all honesty, if you had gotten further with it, I totally would have played. The entry screen could have used a little more love though. I get that the game was probably more important at the time.

  • contestant

    Great music and love the graphics, but what a shame the physics the didn't work out.

  • contestant


    Sorry to come across as harsh here. But the game was completely unplayable for me. I had no idea what was going on. The up arrow apparently made me fly around?

  • contestant


    I could enter my name and see two characters falling down, and I could move back and forth, but that was about it. Had no clue what to do.

  • contestant


    I love the design and Make it with Chu! :) Box2d integration can be a pain in the ass though and it's risky for a 48h project - but please complete this - I want to play! :)


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