Webcam Space Invaders (Node.js version)

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Webcam Space Invaders (Node.js version)

By Machinarium

Quick Intro

A game that explore the use of Node.js and WebRTC on games


Destroy the blue aliens using your hands to earn points during 10 rounds, after you can share your score via Twitter or share the game in social networks

Judging Instructions

Turn lights on

When asked browser permission to use your webcam, allow it

Stay 1 meter away from your webcam

Use your hands to destroy the blue aliens

The game have 10 rounds

Enjoy and have fun

What they Used

Libs: Express, Jade, Stylus, Nib, Coffeescript, API: WebRTC API, Tools: Eclipse + Nodeclipse and other libraries (for highliting)


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  • judge


  • judge


    It was a cool idea, but it honestly wasn't that fun to play :/

  • contestant

    Funny project, but needs much more to be completed product.

  • contestant

    It's neat how you turned a webcam into an input device for a game. The visual design is pretty, but the game design itself is very basic.

    • kurai021

      if you see that I was only an only contestant and the competition was 48 hours ... I think it's pretty good, it is far from perfect, but it does what it promises

  • judge

    Zerosum Labs

    Fun idea, using the webcam to detect hand position is tricky :). Needs some work before it's really playable of course, but pretty awesome start for a weekend effort! Might be neat to try a version of this with Leap Motion's tech too.

    • kurai021

      Leap Motion...maybe winning the innovation category XD

  • judge


    fun! 👾

  • judge

    Nodejitsu Inc.

    Background differences (e.g. canvas of SF on white wall) interfere with the game. I have feeling this could have been prevented by subtracting the initial background from the webcam feed, correct me if I'm wrong.

    • kurai021

      background subtraction is something that I would like to work once NKO ends :)

    • Swaagie

      ah k :) definitely still a cool project

  • judge

    Great to see WebRTC!

  • contestant

    Very neat concept! I think that with more time, this could be made very fun. Right now though, the levels all seemed the same to me, and they progressed a bit slowly.

  • contestant

    This was cool! Had a really hard time figuring out how to use it properly though and be accurate. Dug the music and visuals.

  • contestant
  • contestant

    Pretty awesome detection there. Would be interested in learning how you did that. One down vote though: I'm on a brand new machine and the performance was pretty slow. Still pretty awesome.

  • contestant

    Pretty funny, but I think i played to much Wii too find this awesomely funny. :) Also had issues with lag on my computer which made it a bit hard to play. But like the design and sound effects!

  • judge

    I'm a big fan of old video games, the retro feel of the app, including it's music were a bit of a treat for me. It's nice to see WebRTC getting some use, I enjoyed the game and think it stands up well as a demonstration, but it was a little limited (due to time no doubt).

  • judge

    Great job. Very innovative idea, I think you got me addicted to this game. This is my personal favorite of the one's I have seen so far, bravo.

  • contestant

    Game had a very low framerate for me, but otherwise great job with it!

  • contestant

    Interesting gimmick. Does what it says on the tin. Only minor framerate issue, otherwise very playable.


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