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By linearity

Quick Intro

A quick, dead-simple way to collaboratively draw on the web.


Lightbulb is a real-time drawing application that adds Google Docs-style collaboration to image editing, allowing users to collaborate with one other person on a drawing.

Judging Instructions

Does not work in IE9 1. Click "Begin." 2. Type in the email of someone you would like to draw with. (Note that the email invites say that the application name is "Lightswitch", please ignore that.) 3. Type in your name; this is how you will be viewed by your collaborator. 4. Begin drawing by selecting the "Brush" or "Eraser" tools. You may draw with the Brush and erase what you have drawn with the Eraser. Your partner's drawings will show up in real time. As you draw, only what you are drawing will be visible; don't worry, your partner's drawings will show up once you release the mouse. 5. If you're drawing solo, you may download what you have drawn.

What they Used

Express,, Nodemailer, jQuery, Bootstrap, Bootbox, Sketch.js, GEE.js



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  • contestant


    The draw position is offseted so that I actually draw below the cursor. Also when I draw the second's player drawing "flickers".

  • contestant

    After review the whole entries directory I've changed my scales

  • contestant

    Great work! I think we need better drawing apps to replace annoying flash apps!

  • contestant

    Cool idea and I could definitely see this being useful. Nice work! I couldn't get the "size" slider to work though (on Chrome).

  • contestant


    The mouse coordinate is off from the actual brush stroke. Don't know how to erase cause it's flashing.

  • contestant

    Brightcove, Inc

    Seems like this is a great start! The drawing was pretty far off on my browser (IE, brush was a good 100 px below my cursor) and live was really jumpy or non-functional, but it's still pretty awesome.


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