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Ninja Dart


Quick Intro

Ninja versus Samurai! What a exciting duel! Now you can be the ninja, use dart to slain the samurai.


We purpose to combine the mobile device and PC(or laptop) together like joypad and screen of video games. And we develop a interaction game for it. This game "Ninja Dart" is a pretty funny party game, it's suitable to play with family and friends. Have fun!

Judging Instructions

For your better game experience, we highly recommend use the following browser and device.

  • Browser: Firefox, Chrome
  • Mobile Device: Android only (now this game still have some trouble with iphone, sorry about that...)
  • Computer: any laptop and PC
What they Used

nodejs,, jquery.transit


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  • judge


  • judge

    10gen, MongoDB Company

    Fun little game

  • contestant


    it's amazing and very innovative!

  • contestant


  • contestant

    Allen Industries

    Nice, love anything with mobile/desktop interaction.

  • The use of mobile device to play a game on a PC is an exciting concept. It worked for me (osx to android).

  • contestant

    it is very fun game, and very full innovation. but the game could not play on iOS mobile browser.

    only can runs on android with mobile chrome. lack the waiting list, i have no idea how many ppl i have to wait for.

    Whatever it is a cool game, and fun with us. very innovation. continue to developing with it.

  • contestant
  • judge

    This looks like a potentially interesting concept, but I wasn't able to get it to work :(

    • tpai

      Thanks for your vote, this game needs two device to work, it's mobile and PC just like joypad and TV screen of video game.

      1. Open the following link at your PC(or laptop).

      2. Open the link below at your mobile device.

      3. When PC screen shows samurai, and mobile device shows ninja. That means everything is ready, now you can tap the animated image at mobile to throw dart.

      4. Then the samurai at PC screen will show the result you throw.

      If you still have any problem about this game, just let me know. :)

    • That's what I did, but nothing happened with the star on my mobile, sorry…

    • tpai

      Our team use firefox browser on android mobile and PC. Maybe it's capability problem... sorry about that. Could you please offer your browser version and what's the mobile device you use, if I may?

    • Chrome 30 on Mac OS and Safari on iOS 7.

  • contestant


    it's cool!

  • contestant

    Nice game. I love it.

    • tpai

      Thanks for your support! :D

  • contestant


  • contestant


    The app doesn't work for me. Nothing happens except a few seconds of looping music and animation.

  • contestant

    I didn't get this working with iOS7 and Firefox nor Chrome. Apparently the QR code in the video should appear on the screen? The idea is really good though and I'm also really into this category of games!

  • contestant


    A lack of clear instructions made it hard to know if my mobile device was actually talking to my desktop or not, and nothing happened when swiping on star. Also unclear if mobile and laptop were bound to same "instance" of game if they were connected. That said, I liked the concept and the Samurai and Ninja art were cool... I just couldn't tell if it worked.

  • contestant

    It looks cool, but I do not really understand how to use my phone to send shuriken. Need more explaination, help section..

  • contestant

    Unfortunately, I couldn't manage to use my mobile device as a remote joypad.

  • contestant


    Sorry it didn't really work for me. Hope you had fun though :)

  • contestant


    Heh, pretty funny!


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