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Quick Intro

Donate your facet. Take a snapshot with your webcam. Choose which parts of your face you want to share. Random face madness!


Everybody is equal. And different. It's complicated...

Our NK013 App is not complicated. Not at all. It shows you random generated faces out of many face parts on the homepage. These face parts come from people who donated some.

And you can too. Goto our entry and allow our website to use your webcam. We have outstanding, marvelous facial recognition software. Place your head straight and look directly in the camera. When your face position is good we will take a snapshot of your face, and crop it. In the next step you can choose which parts of your face you want to donate. You like your eyes? We bet other people do too! When you are done, donate your face parts. They will go directly in the database and appear randomly on the homepage.

In the last step, your chosen parts will be static while the other are randomly changing. This is the time to make a screenshot of it and have a great and funny Facebook/Twitter/'You name it' avatar :).

Done. You tested our entry in under a minute. Please give another minute and vote for us! If you have one more, please give us your feedback in the comments. We appreciate it!



Edit: 48h is such a rush. We forgot to put the vote button on our actual project. We put it here though nodeknockout.frech-und-artig.de. This page loads our entry lgrtr.2013.nodeknockout.com in a iframe. So, everything is fine.

Judging Instructions
  1. Goto http://nodeknockout.frech-und-artig.de with Chromium/Chrome
  2. Enjoy the random faces for a while
  3. Click 'Start'
  4. Allow our website to use your webcam
  5. Do what the face detection say
  6. Choose which parts of your face you want to share
  7. Click 'Save Parts'
  8. Enjoy your chosen parts and random others for a while
  9. Click 'Back to home' - Your face parts are now in the database
What they Used

Server: Ubuntu, Node.js, MongoDB, Git

Node modules: Grunt.js, Bower, socket.io, express, underscore

Bower modules: modernizr, jquery, underscore, backbone, mustache, socket.io-client, normalize-css, font-awesome

Facial detection: tracking.js (modified)

Faces. Love.



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Other Votes

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  • judge

    Very nice design and fun app. Good job!

  • contestant


    Fun idea, I never got the prompt to use my webcam and contribute part of my face though.

    • mustardamus

      Thanks for your vote Nicole! Too bad our app didn't allow you to contribute. Did you use Chromium/Chrome?

  • judge

    Zerosum Labs

    Worked the first time I tried it but refused to take a second picture after I re-entered the site. Not sure what happened. Fun idea though, hope that you guys continue to work on it.

    • mustardamus

      Thanks for your vote and feedback Nick!

  • contestant


    This is fun. It'd be nice to be able to select each section of the face from a gallery of "parts", and showcase your creation.

    • mustardamus

      Thanks for your vote Dustin! We planned much more with the "parts". We did ran out of time, unfortunately.

  • judge

    Nice bit of fun, great work on bringing in the webcam. I wish there was a bit more of an interactive component to it to feel more part of the group that's donating their faces but I'm not sure how!

  • contestant

    Nice app. It's so funny.

  • contestant

    This was a very interesting concept. Sometimes it came up with some pretty funny mash ups.

    I would love to see a few more features for this, like the option to freeze other parts that you come across into place, or a re-take photo option(some of my first photos were atrocious :P).

    • mustardamus

      Thanks for your vote William! We planned much more to do with the face parts, but as you know, 48h are gone fast ;).

  • judge


    Not bad, great face recognition :)

    • mustardamus

      Thank you for your vote Julián!

  • judge


    It works but not particularly interesting

  • contestant

    I can't find the utility of this app. The design is a little poor. Maybe this can be the starter piece for a better idea.

    • mustardamus

      Thanks for your vote! I agree, there is no utility at all. Just for the lulz. We had much more in mind what we could do with the face parts. Unfortunately we ran out of time.

  • contestant


    don't know how to play, but looks good from video, nick job! and how do you detect face?

  • contestant


    nice idea. but your site didnt load for me. watched the video.

    • mustardamus

      Hey Pahan, thanks for your vote! It was down yesterday, but it's on now. If you want to retry it... :)

    • pahans

      start button did nothing this time. anyway learnt about tracking.js from you guys ,thanks.

  • judge

    Applied Geographics

    It could use some better feedback to show that it is in fact working, I was looking through the terminal about to close the page when my face showed up. Otherwise its quite impressive, Next step is definitely a cat based one.

    • mustardamus

      Hey, thanks for your vote! The website is loading again. If you still got some time, we would appreciate if you vote again.

      Thanks Calvin!

    • CWMma

      No problem I'll look again

  • contestant
  • contestant


    Funny idea and works well! Nice job!


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