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Ninja Claus -忍者クロース-

By kusattamikan

Quick Intro

You will distribute presents to the children become Santa Claus(Ninja Claus). Sometimes, You would be fight with rivals.


You throw a gift to chimney by operating the ninja. Let's score to deliver more presents. You can get the score and much throw presents strong. (You could increase your score, if you defeat Santa rival.) This game will be able to attack to users who are playing at the same time. Yes, it is a real-time web by Node.

※sorry. Start button does not visible when browser is too wide. Please narrow the browser if you do not see the start button.

Judging Instructions


  • [→] turn a right
  • [←] trurn a left
  • [↑] rise up
  • [↓] down
  • [space] Press once, power to be accumulate. Pressed again and Throw a gift.

worked on

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari (non Audio)
What they Used Audio API


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  • judge


    Felt like it was created in a rush.

  • contestant

    Nice, simple. Might be good to give a warning when the user is running low on presents.

  • contestant
  • contestant
  • contestant


    I don't actually see why node was used for this - there's no real real-time interaction between users.

    • nazomikan

      You'll can also be used to attack other players. So, it in real time. Please try throwing eyeing the gift that has the other players.

      If you could see the video of illustrate, you would find the player who attack to other.

  • judge

    The first couple of round were fun before I figured out the limitations of the game play. Because there is no limit of how many gifts you can throw into each chimney, and you can fly as low as you want, you can very easily fly right above the low houses and click space twice fast. I think the game is missing an actual competition by making the game area much bigger, and coloring houses with gifts. Also, it is too short - you need more levels or something to keep the players around.

    • nazomikan

      Indeed, this game is likely to earn a score and a low altitude flight. However, other Santa will be easier to attack you. :)

    • Wait what?! You can attack each other?

    • nazomikan

      yes!! You can drop the gift of the other.

    • simeji

      If you could see the video of illustrate, you would find the player who attack to other.

  • judge

    Universal Mind

    the game is pretty nice. But I guess it's less about node, more about frontend JS. Not quite relevant.

  • contestant


    First game I've tried that completely works!

  • contestant

    Can't access the button to play the game. Fun concept though from the demo.

    • simeji

      Oh, very sorry,,, I wonder if Your browser width is too wide for our app. Could you please reduce the width of your browser?


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