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By Kosmetika

Quick Intro

Popular music streams that are based on your favorite artists.



We stream latest music from recent blog posts while speaking with API and you decide who are your favorite artists to listen by liking them.

Check out and vote!

Judging Instructions

First step is to login to the streamlikes - application with your facebook account. You should have at least one like of some musician or artist in your account's profile history (scenario without likes is not tested unfortunately).

Then we will shuffle them and serve several favorite artists on the dashboard.

You are welcome to click on one of the artists and you will receive the music stream based on the latest blog entries about this musician (thanks to cool's API).

Client might have issues with Web Audio API in FF and IE.

What they Used
  • Server & API: Express.js, Mongo.js, Passport.js, Async.js, Request.js and some more
  • Database: mongodb on MongoHQ,
  • Client: jQuery, HTML5 Web Audio API
  • Third-party APIs: Facebook Graph,
  • Background image by Igor Garybaldi's free pattern (found on
  • Icons: Fontawesome, The Noun Project
  • Fonts: Google Web Fonts ('Source Sans Pro', 'Montserrat Alternates')


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Other Votes

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  • contestant
  • judge


    This app has a nice design and is pretty complete (for what it is) but it didn't really wow me at all. It very much feels like an app someone threw together in the time allowed.

    • voronianski

      Hey, thanks for your vote and nice words about design! :)

      Actually I had some issues that didn't allow me to finish everything that I planned and had not enough coding time, so it's more like a draft.

  • contestant

    Nice thing. I like the start page but if you're logged in there is nearly nothing.

  • contestant

    UC Berkeley

    The Facebook login is a barrier to entrey (for me at least).

  • judge


    When it worked on some of the streams it was great. Just had a lot of very popular artists that didn't have any streams (this might not be your fault, but it made the app not be as useful).

    • voronianski

      thanks! yeah api has restrictions and not that ideal.

  • judge

    I'm not sure what differentiates this with something like Pandora? Maybe there isn't an intent to be different but to replicate it? If so, it might be helpful to be forthright about whether you're trying to be different or not. It's definitely OK if you're not and if you state that you wanted to learn the technologies. Overall though, neat hack for a weekend.

    • voronianski

      thanks for your vote! actually I didn't use pandora before, the idea was to get band likes and to stream them with api which i wanted to try very much.

      Unfortunately I have some interruptions in coding during the weekend and didn't have much time to finish everything.

      What about design, you didn't like it?

  • contestant


    Good idea and implementation. There is some way to improve, for example add genres.

  • contestant

    デザインが素敵です。 登録を行いましたが、画面に変化がない。。。 3分以内に動作を確認できなかったのでデザインしか分りません。

  • judge


    I wasn't able to get any of the streams to work for my artists (though i only had 4). Would have liked to have a view of the playlist or how long the stream was playing.

  • judge


    Looks great. The idea is interesting, but too simple as it is, far from a complete implementation. Automatic (continuous play) is first thing that comes to mind. Skip / next as well. Get more tracks for a single artist. Doesn't seem to find streams for some well known artists listed on shuffler.

    • voronianski

      Thanks a lot!

      Unfortunately I had an interruption in coding so had no time to implement everything that I was thinking about :)

  • contestant

    Unfortunately didn't work for me despite I have 25 band liked. Anyway I can appreciate the fun looking video.

    • voronianski


      yeah, it's a bit buggy, shuffler api doesn't understand cyrillic letters, and I discovered it only after time of coding was over. I'll fix all issues after voting :)

  • contestant

    The design is great, but I don't like having to login to facebook to use it, and I can't work out what it gives me above just putting on the music I want to listen to. Impressive design work given the 48 hour time frame though.

  • contestant

    It only pulled one artist that I had liked on facebook. It's a nice idea, but seems to be heavily reliant on users liking a lot of things on facebook, which not everyone does.

    • voronianski

      thx for your input! btw, what about design? why didn't you like it?

    • sdrobs

      There was certainly nothing bad about the design. It is functional and visually appealing, but not extraordinary. 3 stars is average, and I think fitting for that.

    • voronianski

      average is 4 stars :) but with your upper vote it can be higher :)

  • contestant


    Small neat feature. Space too crowded.


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