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By Java team

Quick Intro

A collaborative editor for .docx files in your Dropbox.


EditCheck a small rich text editor that supports loading and saving OOXML (.docx) files from and to Dropbox. It supports headings, lists and basic formatting.

Judging Instructions

Works in Chrome and Firefox. We haven't tested it in other browsers. We introduced some regressions during the last hours of coding: uploading doesn't work without a small changes in the database. So, if you'd like to play around, ping me on twitter or IRC, or just send me an email.

What they Used


Passport for Twitter integration

Dropbox API

MongoHQ for stoarge

GoInstant for collaboration

npm modules: mammoth, to-markdown, markdown-word - for OOXML (.docx) processing


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Other Votes

  • judge


    I actually had to dust off my Dropbox account to give this a try. I would have liked to see a Google Drive or Box.net option as well. This would have made this a really kick ass demo and not just an awesome one.

  • judge

    Pushd, Inc.

    I encountered some bugs, but it ultimately did work as advertised. The design is incomplete, but I'm impressed. Good work!

  • judge
  • contestant


    didn't work of me, good idea otherwise.

  • contestant


    Works which is cool - lacks good design though :)

  • contestant

    After review the whole entries directory I've changed my scales

  • contestant

    It's hard to test, but from the pitch video, looks like it's a great start to a simpler non-google way of collaborative document editing backed by dropbox.

  • contestant

    The Nerdery

    This is really awesome guys - could definitely use some polish, but this is pretty amazing for a weekend hackathon project.

  • judge

    Applied Geographics

    useful and easy

  • contestant


    Greetings from Kiev!

    Do not hesitate to vote too http://kosmetika.2013.nodeknockout.com/ :)


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