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Rebil me

By Insignia's team

Quick Intro

Rebil me is as simple form to paste your gists and let other users veview your gist and vote the best solutions!


Rebil me is a gist container for coders. You can add a gist and share it!, then other user can help you with solutions for your problems.

Judging Instructions
  1. Go to our Site.
  2. Click in "use it for free"
  3. Complete all fields with information about your problem or whatever that you exhibit.
  4. Share your URL with other people Wait a time. And see how many reviews has your code. You can check all of them and rate it!
What they Used

Icomoon. Bootstrap. Express AngularJS jQuery



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Other Votes

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  • contestant

    Nice simple design, once logged in it didn't keep me logged in whilst navigating. Also would be nice if it indicated what was still outstanding if someone has accepted a solution. Cool idea and good use case for arbor.

  • judge

    SimBin Studios

    Compared to other similar solutions it doesn't offer much that would give me a reason to use it.

    Registration could benefit from connecting to github, if the service in the future would offer functionality not already present in gists.

    The syntax highlighting had some issues with random indentions and incorrect highlighting of 'use' (attribute was named user).

  • judge


  • judge

    Most of this functionality is already built into gist already. Reviews = forks/comments. This definitely looks pretty though.

  • contestant


    Nice idea. Also I thought, want to export for on blog. Thanks.

  • contestant

    I like the idea, infact once worked on a similar one before. neatly implemented, UI could've been better. Like the way how filenames and visualisations dynamically change.

  • judge

    I am not sure why I would use this over gist on github. With gist I can share with others and others can fork or add reviewing comments.

    It would be nice if the syntax highlighting was applied as I type.

    I also ran into code formatting issues where it added arbitrary indentation on the first line of my code.

  • contestant

    It would be great to see why this is better than github gists. I like that it has syntax highlighting, but I wish it would show some example gists that have example reviews.

  • contestant


    Impressive amount of stuff completed for 48hrs! I was able to get in and create some gists pretty easily. The review functionality worked well, too. Would be cool to allow layering this type of interface over another gist system like pastebin or Github gists, if possible!

  • contestant

    Spatial Automation Lab -- University of Wisconsin, Madison / 3D Systems / Bespoke Innovations

    Given that github already has inline commenting and reviewing/annotation for gists, I am not exactly sure what this application offers on top of it. The backgrounds and fonts are kind of interesting visually at least, but I was a bit frustrated by the fact that the tab key did not work as expected.

    A the end of the day I am left a bit confused about what leverage I gain from using this service over just writing a comment for a gist?

    • ezekielriva

      When you have a lot of gists, other people can fork one and write a code improved.

  • contestant

    UC Berkeley

  • contestant

    I like the idea of being able to create reviews for gists. A couple of issues I ran into:

    1. It seems to indent the first line of code for some reason.
    2. Adding comments didn't seem to work.
    3. I was able to vote multiple times.
  • judge


    Hey guys.

    This app looks kind of cool, but I wasn't quite sure what it did. I like the background colours and the style, though I found it quite hard to figure out that the tabs were tabs (particularly because they start off saying undefined).

  • judge

    Khan Academy

    A bit challenging for me to determine what the purpose was of the site (both from the site and from the video). I get the impression that normal Github gists already support much of the implied use case. I also have a lot of trouble using the site: Code formatting was broken (indented strangely), commenting sometimes didn't work, and the code editor was weird (pressing tab didn't indent).


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