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Quick Intro

Simple event scheduler that utilizes Twitter to manage and communicate with attendees


Takes a set number of waves (a time window for confirming a time slot) and creates a schedule for an event. Within a wave you define the event time range and number of slots. That event could be office hours, interviews, or journalist (media events .i.e, e3expo).

Additional features (Not Implemented)

  • Event invite e-mail
  • Twitter DM’s for confirmations and cancellations
  • Rules (RETE) for handling cancellations
    • Send messages to priority users that slots are available
  • Select time window for availability so that the system could communicate if a slot becomes available
Judging Instructions

Browser: Google Chrome

  1. Go to
  2. Navigate to bottom of page and click "Sign in with Twitter”
    • You can use a test account that I created:
      • User: scheduleruser1
      • Pass: S2013nk!
  3. Once logged in click on the “Scheduler” link in the top nav
  4. Select Event "Contestants Interviews Day 1”
  5. Review the Wave
  6. Click the INFO tab to find the Event URL

  7. You’ll notice that the first event has been "Confirmed" and the second event is “Unavailable”

  8. As you “Confirm” or “Cancel” a slot the data is propagated in realtime, so other attendees will see the changes

Known Issues

  • Sometimes you’ll need to select the Event to see the “live” data. I ran into some issues with template rendering
  • After adding a new wave you need to select the event to re-render the data
What they Used





WebStorm 7

Design and storyboarding tool


Status Stream

Cloudup Steam: NKO 2013



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  • contestant

    Australian Antarctic Division

    I kept getting an error relating to the create new "Please enter a valid value" on for start time on the publish event page ( So couldn't publish an event or text the app further. :( Cool idea otherwise, I like the thought of scheduling events via Twitter!

  • judge


    Wasn't able to create an event, not intuitive

  • contestant


  • contestant

    Arizona School for the Arts (student)

  • contestant

    Great Idea and unique implementation! The instructions are also useful!

  • contestant

    Uva Wellassa University of Sri lanka

    Seems like it's going to be great once completed. Has quite a few errors. Since you're doing it alone, Well Done :)

  • contestant

    DUO Interactive

  • judge

    A Medicore Corporation

    Very cool idea. This is totally something I would love to use for interview scenarios just like your demo shows. Here's some notes I took down while using the app.

    Homepage: Twitter login worked flawlessly. I'm right back at the app with a "logged in with Twitter" message. Would expect this to show up somewhere in the header though, and would be nice to see my Twitter username and avatar to give me even more confidence the OAuth process was successful.

    I'm expecting to be able to click those big numbered steps on the homepage "1. Create an event, 2. Add attendees". Also noticed there's two steps labeled #4. It's taking me some time to figure out what to do next. Ah, I think I click "Scheduler" in the header.

    Scheduler: Filling out a new event. Ran into some bug that kept hiding the "Untitled" text on the left. Somehow ended up with 3 Untitled events without a way to delete.

    Info tab is pretty much what I expected it to be. Boy, I wish there was a better date and time control for the web. I sure haven't found one I like using yet. Publish is a weird button to have here. Seems like I should complete the rest of these tabs first.

    Attendees is pretty much what I expected. Enter some Twitter usernames. If you had more time I bet you could do some fancy Twitter autocomplete stuff here.

    I get the purpose of "waves", but I'm not sure that's the best name for this. Struggling to come up with something better. "Open hours"? Time slots makes sense. Personally, I'd ditch the "priority attendees" feature to make this even simplier to use.

    Status and settings tabs are blank for me.

    Overall, pretty cool idea and good demo. The realtime stuff you've done with DerbyJS really shines for an app like this if you'll have several people all in competition for finite time slots.

    • tvbarajas

      Thanks!!! Appreciate the feedback.

  • judge

    Wow, looks like you accomplished a lot in just a weekend by yourself. Good work. I really like the simplicity of your app. It's clear that you used Bootstrap, but the clean design really resonates with me. You may want to work on polishing your pitch video a bit, as it's not 100% clear the value proposition. I understood the part about E3 and scheduling times, at least I think that I did. But then the mention of "contestants" in the actual app threw me off. It may be helpful to show your pitch video to someone who has no idea about the problem or the solution and see if they "get it" and modify it until they do.

    At any rate, you shipped something that solves a problem when it seems that most people have a hard time even shipping, so that's awesome. Keep on kicking ass!

    • tvbarajas

      Thanks for the honest feedback. I did end up recording a new pitch video.

    • I watched the new one, it's much clearer. I like how you explain why you integrate with Twitter and that you got rid of the "contestant" scenario.

  • judge


    Seems like a super useful concept. the ui for scheduling and creating waves is a bit cumbersome, and i'm not a fan of the twitter integration for single sign-on.


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