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Harp Hook

By IcedDev

Quick Intro

Automatic Harp-based compiler for Github Pages.


Automatically compiles and deploys your project to GitHub Pages using Harp every time you push to your primary branch.

Judging Instructions

Login via Github, find your Github Pages repository and toggle the switch to On, a hook will be configured on your Github repo. We will compile your project on every push to your default branch, and push the results to the gh-pages branch. You can also start this manually using the Force Deploy button.

What they Used

This application relies on Harp to compile assets, and the Github API to provide access to repositories. It uses Docker to efficiently and safely manage this process.

GitHub icon was provide by Font Awesome.

The web application is built with express, github-oauth, github, when, pg, lodash, hbs, docker.io, and require-all node libraries.

Data is stored in postgres.

Bower was used to manage clientside libraries, which included curl, flight, rest, css-toggle-switch, jquery, when, and es5-shim.

Bootstrap and Font Awesome were loaded from the Bootstrap CDN.



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    The getting started process feels a little bumpy with being redirected to external documentation, but the app is pretty cool once you're done with that.

  • judge


    Nice job! I love that it's a working stand along app. Fills a nice utility need especially for anyone who would rather Harp than Jekyll. I REALLY liked the "Force Deploy" option. In similar git push driven tasks this is always a pain in the ass.

  • judge

    Filter Squad

    Super useful idea and I like the very minimal interface developers work with - basically fire and forget. It's nice having another alternative to Jekyll for GitHub Pages.

  • contestant


    This served as an introduction to Harp as well. As well done as this is, it should eventually (and hopefully will) become a core part of the Harp platform. You're ahead of the game on this one. :)

  • judge


  • judge


  • contestant
  • contestant

    Pretty useful. Worked very well. Good job!

  • contestant


    Automatic git hook configuration is pretty nice. I've been meaning to set that up for my own static site. Nice use of the Github API. Didn't actually verify that it works b/c I didn't have a repo that really fit the use case. Nice hack!

  • contestant

    Hiiir Inc.

  • judge

    I'll qualify my comments by stating that I have never used Harp before so I don't have an hands on experience with its deploy process.

    The application looks very straight forward, easy to understand, with an interface that is going to be familiar to anyone using other GitHub tools. However, it is not as polished as some other tools (e.g. Travis), and the home page is more a readme than a service welcome page.

    I gave it low scores on the other categories because it didn't surprise in any way. It worked as expected but there was no extra value or innovative features.

    It looks pretty complete. The only comment I have is about reporting compilation errors and such - not sure where those would go if something goes wrong.

  • contestant

    Interestingly, this may save me some time :)


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