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By Heraclitus

Quick Intro

Faceball is a multiplayer game where you need to move your face in order to control your player and hit a ball to score!!


download master branch, you will need mongodb installed on your local

$ git clone git@github.com:nko4/heraclitus.git && cd ./heraclitus/

As nko4 repos are private, you can alternativelly download it from:

$ git clone git@github.cortezcristian/faceball.git && cd ./faceball

run: $ npm install && node app.js

Go to: http://localhost:3200/

  1. Allow camera permissions
  2. Start moving your face to hit the ball
  3. Screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e0cgos01bs4w8ef/Faceball.png
Judging Instructions
  1. It works on Chrome (and any other browser that supports getUserMedia)
  2. You'll also need a video camera
  3. And grant permission on the browser to allow accessing the camera
What they Used

Libraries: headtrackr.js, kinetic.js, socket.io, among others



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  • judge

    Khan Academy

    I'm rating this based upon the video - unfortunately I can't get it to work! I'm trying it in the latest version of Chrome and I just get a blank screen with no errors in the console. Ugh, I'm sorry, not sure what's up! Seems like a cool concept!

    • cortezcristian

      Is an honor have some feedback from you, we admire you a lot. Here you can have a taste of the front-end experience of playing faceball. http://cortezcristian.com/facemaze/ Today I've mounted the server on the office and had the chance to see a lot of my coworkers moving their head and fighting for the ball.

  • judge
  • contestant

    nice Idea!

  • contestant


    Quite a fun idea - the face movement detection could be improved. I don't like that the project isn't deployed though

  • judge


  • contestant

    Video concept looks interesting. Wasn't able to try it for myself. App doesn't appear to work and instructions to play are incomplete.

    • cortezcristian

      I updated the instructions, just in case you are still interested

  • contestant


    The video made your app sound really cool, that is a really great idea. It would have been really nice if it could have run with only the browser rather than having to go through so many steps to test it.

  • contestant

    How can we play it? When I click launch site, all I see is the vote button. Seems like an interesting idea based on the video, though

    • cortezcristian

      You can download the source I updated the instructions if you want to try it locally. Thanks

  • contestant

    Industrial Web Apps

    Blank page? (maybe the server is overloaded? I will vote again if you respond when it's working)

    • cortezcristian

      Sorry about that. We couldn't mount the app on the server, if you can't test locally I believe your vote is fear.

    • davidworkman9

      Not sure what you mean by my vote is "fear." I attempted to clone the repo but I get a "remote end hung up" error and a 404 when I try to go to the repo site.

    • cortezcristian

      haha... sorry for the missunderstaing... a typo... i mean "fair", "just" Aaaaaannd I didn't know nko4 repos were private :D lol I believe that make impossible for you to clone, I updaloaded the repo here: https://github.com/cortezcristian/faceball feel free to check it out if you are still interested. thanks for your time.


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