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Quick Intro

game your heart out


Interact with other people, play mini games, get to know one another, have fun.

Judging Instructions

This is a multiplayer app. If there's no one else on it when you use it, then you might have to open the site in another tab and play with yourself.

As for the games, we were hoping that players would work and chat together to figure out the mechanics of a mini game.

What they Used

primus,, express, underscore, jquery



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  • contestant


    While I admire the idea of forcing a potential couple to work together, I would be surprised to see if people actually stuck with it to figure out the games. It's a fine line, but I think this borders on too vague.

    I had to play myself in two tabs, which of course removes that part of the fun. But I found it confusing, and couldn't tell if the game had an actual end.

    But again, I like the idea, and found it unique. The design was nice too, which the changing colors. It was almost too minimal in some places, like the chat area that requires a bit of discovery.

  • contestant


    Looks really nice. Great work on the UI and design and everything worked. I would have liked a bit more to do than just chat though. Hope you had fun!

  • contestant

    Sorry I tried to make sense of it but the screencast didn't show how this actually works. I tried to make it work with 2 browsers, got 2 the screen with 2 icons, not really sure where to go from there. I'll see if I can revisit this later.

  • contestant


    very cool looking app! thumbs up!

    do not hesitate to vote on my entry as well ;)

  • contestant


    Love the design - I don't really understand the games (different fields increment their values - kind-of counter intuitive) - but still - looks good! :)

    • fent

      Thanks for the vote. The counter-intuitiveness of the games was actually on purpose, we were hoping that creating games without clear instructions would force people to have to work together, chat, thereby getting to know each other.

  • contestant

    Sequoia Capital

    Guys, I didn't know how to use this, so I didn't want to vote just yet. Do you want to add a screencast or some judging instructions?

    • fent

      I added instructions for judges. Thanks for taking the time to judge this.

  • judge


    I was able to start this game by firing up other browser and fake my identity. Luckily there was other person. Chatting was fine though, we were not able to start the game. we just guessed it as a bejeweled like game. After some chatting other person got out and i was kicked out of the chatting room right away.

    • thememobandit

      Sorry to hear the game wasn't working for you! Not having the directions did encourage a conversation, which was the intended goal by not having them :)

      Thanks for giving us a try!

  • judge

    The design is nice. I like the simplicity and the creative use of unsaturated colors. However, the site just didn't work. The game looked good but the conceptual design was poor considering I had little understanding of what the game's purpose was. I like the idea, in fact, I think this website could be something that fills a hole in the websphere but the maintenance and execution didn't do it for me.

    • thememobandit

      Thanks for taking the time to give us your feed back! The games were just a simple way for people to play and play with each other. The idea of not having directions was purposeful in the sense that, as two people coming together, it encouraged the users to use the chat feature. Bummer the site didn't work for you :( I'm glad you liked the look tho!

  • judge

    Beautiful graphics but I couldn't figure out how to play the game. Very ambitious for a weekend project tho and looks really nice - lots of promise here.

    • thememobandit

      Thanks Tim! We enjoyed making this. The process was such a learning experience and we do hope to finish this and take it further. It would be a great way to start conversations all over the place!

  • contestant

    Really pleasant design! Best pitch video so far

    • thememobandit

      Thanks so much! The video was fun to make and I learned a little about how to use iMovie while I did it :)


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