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By Geeky Grey

Quick Intro

Tastefully sexy porn search engine and open porn data API for everyone


Crawls for porn and provide a search engine for sexy content. Pictures and videos. Indexes text and tags for better results. Curated sources that updates every few minutes. Also an open API for developers to use the data to create their own applications.

Unfortunately my laptop died after 24 hours, the MacBook got a blue screen of death and it appears my motherboard is fried.

I'm so sorry that what is deployed is just the first 12 hours of my work, and I'm not able to compete this time. However I will launch the site separately sometime, after I got my laptop fixed. Hope you guys will check it out again!

Judging Instructions

Only tested on Chrome so far, but it should work on most modern browsers. I didn't manage to deploy the search engine before my laptop crashed, but you should be able to see the latest pictures and videos by selecting a gender and clicking Search.

What they Used

Coffeescript, express, async, request, node-gm graphicsmagick for image manipulation and cropping, solr for search indexing, mongodb and mongoose for store, jade, stylus, jQuery. Initially I used mongodb text search as the search solution, but due to some problems with MongoHQ and MongoLabs text-search feature is not available at the time of deployment. Switched to Solr after that... and laptop crashed.



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  • contestant

    It's very useful to me. XD

  • contestant

    Hope you completed!

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  • contestant


    The search form doesn't work, it only displays entries if I search a blank box.


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