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Game Reviews by everyone, ever.

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  • contestant


    I like the idea and the design, but several of the links to games I clicked on didn't work.

  • contestant


    Best design I've seen on a NKO project yet! Great work on that. Took me a bit to find a game - you might want to suggest some example games in your description to make it easier. I couldn't find one that had enough reviews or w/e to have aggregated results, or videos, or w/e. Nice job pulling in the database + metadata though! What APIs did you use for that data?

    • bc

      Thanks! We're pulling from the GiantBomb API ( but we plan to also pull some data from steam in v2. Home page will also have game recommendations (games that are currently on sale, popular games, etc)

  • contestant
  • contestant
  • contestant


    A game db - no more, but no less ;)

  • contestant

    Pretty solid review site.

  • contestant


    I love the design of the site, also a big supporter of the idea behind it.

    • fredyates

      Thanks Dustin! Sadly we are far from finished but we're actually redoing it all now that we aren't on a 48 hour deadline :)

      Node KO was mostly just a motivation for us to get something started and it worked. We're excited about the idea now and making moves on the next iteration.


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