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By Flamescape

Quick Intro

Multi-player Pac-Man! Play as Node-Man and quickly eat all the nodes or play as a dead web technology to try and defeat Node-Man!


We have re-imagined Pac-Man to incorporate multiplayer gameplay. Players join to play as either Node-Man, the hero of our game, or conversely one of the antagonists represented by four dead web technologies: Python, Perl, Ruby, and PHP.

The game supports up to 5 players: Node-Man and his four rival ghosts. Gameplay is simple; if you've played Pac-Man before then you already know how to play.

This application is light-hearted and fun and is intended for the demographic of people that love and play Pac-Man on a daily basis but are left unfulfilled by the lack of multiplayer game mechanics.

Our market research indicated that there is a large audience of individuals who bear an insatiable need for multiplayer Pac-Man. As problem solvers, our team stepped up to that challenge to finally bring them satisfaction.

To get started, just drop in to the application and start playing. The game is endless, and players can drop in and out at any time. If the game is full, spectators will be queued until a player slot becomes available. If Node-Man loses all his lives, he's pushed back into the spectator queue, so everyone gets a turn!

Judging Instructions

Movement is controlled with the arrow keys (or WASD if you prefer). If you're Node-Man, try and gobble up all the little nodes. Super-nodes give you the ability to defeat the dead web technologies, but they'll respawn soon enough! Tested in Chrome. Please use Chrome. Firefox seems to work fine too. Does not work in Lynx

What they Used

Server Technology

  • node.js - You should check this out if you haven't heard of it

Node Dependencies

Clientside Libraries

Tools Used

  • vim - for all expert programming
  • Notepad++ - for any other programming
  • Photoshop and Illustrator - for design

Special Thanks

  • Pepsi Max (Cherry)
  • Coffee
  • Muffins and Scones
  • Chinese Food

Known Bugs

  • Mosquitos
  • Moths
  • Wasps


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Other Votes

  • (7)
  • contestant


    Good job!

  • contestant


    Very cool idea

  • judge

    Filter Squad

    Just what I was missing! I can now rest easy knowing there is a solution to my lack of pacman.

    In all seriousness, cool idea - and as a Rubyist, I enjoyed the fact I got assigned to a ghost and was put against a node man who kept getting eaten (mwahaha!).

  • judge

    10gen, MongoDB Company

    I made a similar one called mongoman a couple of months ago. It's a fun exercise and teaches you a ton about how networking work. I have a suggestion. Try using the WebRTC data channel technology as it can do UDP like communication removing the big latency of TCP and the annoying jumps when a packet is late arriving. That's something I never had any time to look into but will let your browsers talk directly to each other bypassing the need for a central server.

  • contestant

    Hiiir Inc.

    Slow respond, when I was control as the node-man

  • contestant


  • contestant
  • contestant
  • contestant


    The snakes won't move much and the controls feel laggy - otherwise a classical multi-pacman :)

  • judge

    multi-rooms please, being a spectator is kind of boring. controls are a little sluggish.

  • contestant


    Multiplayer Pac-man where the ghosts are actually controlled by friends does sound fun!

    The controls were very finicky though, due to what I suspect constant synchronization with the server.

  • judge


    Quick fun game. It's fun to eat slower technologies. All in a day's work.

  • contestant

    Fun :) Although somewhat sluggish – makes it hard to play even when there is no enemies. :)

  • judge


  • contestant


    Nice job guys. My only criticism is that It's really hard to see where the tracks are on my screen, which makes it hard to play.

    EDIT: I tried it again, and the outlines showed up, which made everything better.

  • contestant


    very impress such clever idea so wow

    some glitchy when not much great connection

  • contestant

    Industrial Web Apps

    Good job guys, only complaint is it needs some lag compensation. I noticed have to press the arrow keys ahead of time in order to turn.

  • contestant

    Spatial Automation Lab -- University of Wisconsin, Madison / 3D Systems / Bespoke Innovations

    Pretty awesome working multiplayer game!


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