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By Faraday Cage Match

Quick Intro

Do you like word games but are bad at anagrams? Try this FPA (first-person-anagrammer) game! Click to catch or avoid letters and be pleasantly surprised when you 1) make words and 2) score points!


It's a word game! It's a dessert topping!

Judging Instructions

Click. Jump. Your score is tallied every eight letters. That's it!

What they Used

Pixi.js; Express, EJS, Should, Grunt, Mongoose (okay, couldn't get Mongo to work :-P), Request, Mocha. Great API from http://www.anagramica.com for the anagrams. In the video, boingy sounds are: Single Vocal Bounce, Copyright 2013 Iwan Gabovitch, CC-BY3 license; Door Stop Twang V01 by KeyKrusher; and Boing.wav by juskiddink.


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Other Votes

  • judge


    It's a simple fun game.

  • contestant
  • contestant


    Simple & a bit fun

  • judge


    This was well done, but I just don't enjoy the concept. It looks beautiful, but it was frustrating not knowing how my words would be scored and not being able to control the anagram selected. it might be better using arrow keys / the accelerometer instead of just tapping.

  • contestant


    Nice game, good luck!

  • contestant

    I miss more content in your game.

  • judge

    It felt like you put more effort into the game engine than the game play, and the engine is very nice. The wheel turning when it hits the ground is a nice touch. However, I didn't find the game itself engaging. It isn't clear what the challenge is, or how the scoring works (it only found one word even though there were many other combinations possible). Sometimes letter would show up very high and impossible to skip.

    Overall I think the engine would have been better utilized for a more traditional arcade game. You got a pretty good start with the engine.

  • contestant


    It's a nice idea, but can get repeating after some games.

  • contestant


    lol, it was definitely unique if anything. I can't say I loved playing the game, but I've never seen anything like it before.

  • contestant

    Adding keyboard support would be nice.


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