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Quick Intro

Couch is the easiest way to watch videos with friends in real-time. Queue up what's next by simply tweeting a video URL and a hashtag.


Couch makes it easy to watch videos with friends in real-time & let anyone contribute to the shared viewing experience. Simply tweet a video with your assigned hashtag and the video will be added to your group's queue. You can watch with friends sitting next to you, or friends on the other side of the world, as we have synchronous playback for each hashtag-based room.

Judging Instructions

Visit, choose a hashtag (or use the one we assign), then tweet a video in the format "@AddToCouch #YourHashtag http://youtubeURL" and the video will begin playing. Keep adding videos, or get friends in on the action. Also try firing up the same room on a different computer (or ask someone in a different part of the world to do so).

Optimized for Chrome. No IE support.

What they Used

GoInstant YouTube API Twitter Streaming API


grunt and friends sass



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  • judge


    After a few attempts to start a channel I kept getting a blank screen, but I really do dig the concept of twitter as a remote for real time video sharing. Will attempts again later.

  • judge

    10gen, MongoDB Company

    Awesome feature and clever usage of twitter as the scheduling mechanism. Might I make the suggestion though to allow for direct messages to @AddToCouch so one can avoid spamming followers when wanting to schedule something yourself?

    • parris

      Ahh ya we never tested that. Adding it to the to do list! Thanks :)

  • judge

    Filter Squad

    Holy Crap, this is super cool. I'm pretty sure this is the simplest take on YouTube Parties I've seen before - and the idea of using randomly generated hash tags as rooms is damn cool. It worked straight up for me, videos were added instantly and it's super easy to use.

    All thats missing is a way to share / view the link to the current one once videos are playing.

  • judge


    Very clever use of twitter to bind a social event based on a hashtag. Clever.

  • contestant

    Spatial Automation Lab -- University of Wisconsin, Madison / 3D Systems / Bespoke Innovations

    This is a neat idea, and I like the design. I can't really give this high marks for innovation as there are already plenty of tools out there that do basically the same thing, (in fact you can already do more or less this using Google+ hangouts, so one could maybe argue that youtube already supports this feature).

    However, I think packaging all of this into one easy to use system has a lot of merit and that this approach could really be useful.

    My only criticism with the application itself is the use of twitter for sending commands to the service. I think a dedicated mobile website would be preferable to cluttering my twitter feed with a bunch of commands to the service, and would also be less error prone.

    • parris

      Awesome feedback!

      Here are a few notes about the decisions we made:

      Yes there are services that handle syncing of video with youtube, but only because youtube's API makes it easy. It was our goal however to make this generic enough to work with things like netflix, vimeo or any video platforms. We didn't quite get there, but maybe in the future.

      I also thought removing people from the experience and pushing them into twitter could sometimes be jarring. Twitter did gain us 3 things though: - Avoiding user accounts entirely while still having user data. This helped us dev faster. - Being able to treat the app like a video tweet wall. We threw this up at a bar recently and had it running for several hours with passers by just tweeting random videos to it. - The ability to re-use apps that people already have and not force them to download something else.

      Like I said though, awesome feedback! I agreed with everything.

  • contestant

    Fagbokforlaget V&B AS

    Good way to find people with common interest. Awesome thing would be if you can connect your friends or those who followed link.

  • contestant

    This is such an awesome idea. I can't tell you how many times my friends and I have spent our nights sitting on the couch watching youtube videos. Now we can be double lazy, and not leave our homes to watch videos together. :P

    I did have any issue when using the tweet box on the homepage, the app would just go to a white screen. I tried it from twitter and it worked perfectly though. Great job!

    • parris

      Yea, i totally broke that at the last minute. I noticed like 1 minute after though! Thanks :)

  • judge


    Cool concept. I'm not even sure how it worked, but it did! One thing that would be awesome is if it was a little more clear how to add friends to watch with you. (I couldn't find the link to the room at first)

  • contestant


    This seems really nice - would be great to see webcam support and Picture-in-Picture mode :)

    • parris

      Was totally on the todo list! @addtocouch #hash #selfie

  • judge

    Simple concept but good execution.

  • contestant


    That's a pretty great idea guys. I like how well it can integrate with twitter though. Gets rid of the heavy work of some the work making it publicly available. One thing I wish it would have though, and this may have been on the docket, is the ability to sync up the video stream. So everyone is watching the same stuff at the same time. I kept thinking that was the case. Kudos folks

  • contestant

    Hiiir Inc.

  • contestant

    Activimetrics LLC

    Nothing really worked for me, sorry.


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