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How beauty you are

By Ethan oh YEAH

Quick Intro

Vote us, the start voting to every girls, support girl who you are.


We are the man, man love beauty women. so we created this for all men. You can vote for your pretty woman, pick a woman who you loved.

Also every girls want to know what they look like in men's mind. So Girls come here and take a snapshot, upload your simple profile, let men judge for you.

Judging Instructions


  • jsdom


  • express.js - basic website base.
  • - realtime reation
  • angular.js - for client site
  • mongoDB - for saving data
What they Used

We use the jsdom for parsing specific website for woman profile and data. Combine angular.js and work together, to update database.



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Other Votes

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  • contestant

    How misogynistic. This kind of application is really not appropriate to build for hackathon -- an event designed to encourage participation in technology, and I think you'd do well to pull it from the competition and save some face.

    From a technical point of view, it doesn't even work.

  • contestant

    Uva Wellassa University of Sri lanka

    Better if you try a mobile app. Even better if people can organize exclusive contest within groups like universities.

  • judge

    Sequoia Capital

    I'll let others comment (or not) on the political correctness. The idea is as old as the Web. And I couldn't get the pics to load, which seems like a critical part of the app.

  • judge

    Deutsche Telekom AG

    The page didn't show any pictures, so I wasn't really able to vote for any of the "girls" shown... Besides that, I personally do not like the idea, but thats subjective, so I kept this out of my votes. The page design is really beautiful, but as I mentioned, it didn't worked for me. I tried with firefox, chrome & safari.

    • clonn

      thanks for your experience, after deployed we figure out the all images were broken, so the horrible show.

  • contestant


    • clonn

      thanks for your vote.

  • judge


    A clear and simple premise with potential for popularity (hotornot?), but a bit on the socially awkward side... Pleasant colour scheme and nice use of transactions and parallax effects. There seemed to be some bugs which prevented me from seeing the intended functionality (upload, vote etc). Hope you guys had fun and will continue to develop with Node!

  • contestant
    • clonn

      thanks for your vote. <3

  • contestant


    Images didn't seem to be loading for me and that plus the lack of clear instructions and the private youtube screencast made it impossible to understand what was meant to be happening.

    • clonn

      yap, it is source problem, after deployed we could not fixed it anymore. The youtube video already change permission. Sorry about this mistake.

  • contestant

    The pitch video is listed as private. You need to change that to "unlisted" so that other people can view it here.

    The concept for this app is a little disturbing. I think that some people will really dislike it.

    The app itself doesn't appear to work at all. Images are all broken and no voting system appears to be in place.

  • contestant

    Sorry guys, but is not cool

    I understand it may be a cultural difference, but I can only vote from my own culture

    • clonn

      thanks for your opinion, we will think about it seriously.


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