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By El Dorado

Quick Intro

Disposable voice room, sometimes stuff like hangouts/skype/etc are an overkill when you just need to talk with someone else, Grŵp is a super simple to use group voice chat, just share and use.


Grŵp provides easy to use and fast to set-up disposable voice chat rooms to talk with whomever you want, without the need to download clients, install plug-ins or manage contact lists. Use Grŵp to talk with up to 5 people simultaneously just by sharing a link. Grŵp may be used, for example in job interviews where don't want to add random people to your contact list on Skype or Hangouts, or in random assembled game parties (Dota / LoL / Starcraft), or in general when talking with someone that is not in your regular contact list or voice/video client.

Judging Instructions

Just go to and share the generated room link with anyone you want to talk with (works on browsers with WebRTC support only).

What they Used

node,, simpleWebRTC, jquery, bootstrap



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  • judge

    Simple, pretty, and worked well. Audio on mobile was choppy but I think that was partly a feedback loop and partly the reality of using webRTC/getUserMedia on mobile. Desktop to desktop worked well. Similar idea to & but audio only which is probably a good thing if you actually want to use it to get some work done.

  • judge


  • I like the mic access prompt reminder. Audio was crystal clear. Just had a chat with my friend on Facebook with zero fuss.

  • judge

    I can dig it. Ephemeral voice chatting over WebRTC. This can definitely be quite useful for just getting together real quick with no required ceremony. Plus i hate skype/google plus for the inherent dependency on plugins or other software. WebRTC must takeover!

  • contestant

    This is really awesome, I could see using this. 1 worry is encryption, would be cool to see an end to end encrypted channel (s.t. you have to share keys in advance).

    You should leverage twilio so that you can call in via landline too.

  • contestant
  • judge


    Useful, clean (both in functionality and aesthetics) and easy to use. Although it is much more straightforward than popular solutions in the space, it seems like a small incremental improvement (innovation criteria).

  • contestant

    simple - nicely done.

  • judge

    Cool project. I play LoL and we all hop on skype, but it is a bit overkill as you mentioned and its annoying because we can all just join a room, some one has to start it and then invite everyone. I'm going to try this out next time I play. This isn't the first webrtc audio chat app around, but I think if you focus it on gamers you might have a special niche.

    Some things I think would be cool: - Let users create accounts and rooms that can be favorited or something so we don't have to try and share a link each time. We would just come to your app, go to the LoL room our friends use and were connected.

    • The ability to adjust audio levels of each incoming user audio. Some people are really loud or you can hear their game sounds in the background.

    Anyway, I hope you stick with this. I'll try it out in a game tonight and let you know if I have any other suggestions.

    • kuryaki

      Im glad that you mentioned it, because im a LoL player aswell and thats the reason why i created it because i usually get teamed with random people and no voice is kind of a disadvantage, thats the main reason to be limited to 5 people parties, for MOBA kind of games where you get teamed with 4 people you dont know but still need to coordinate with, on the other side you can use whatever identifier you want ex and that will work and be able for anyone to keep joining, we also did some audio adjust levels to prevent clicking and typing to sound, great feedback :D, and please keep it comming so we get ready for a v2

  • judge

    Well executed.

    Was there a reason why you had to limit a group to only 5 users? What happens when my room is full and a 6 person tries to join?

    I do like the simplicity of this and do see the use cases that you presented like interviews but some more usability features would be nice. Maybe a record log, or transcribe the conversation.

    • dscastillo171

      Thank you for feedback! Tho room limit was set to 5 because my coworker is really into online games, and you usually play on teams of 5 ;D

      We could open the limit up to 6, 7 or even 10, however we decided to set one in order to limit bandwidth use. And to answer your question, when a 6th person joins, Grwp will tell him that the group is full and will prompt him to create a new one.

      We really appreciate your suggestions, log records and transcriptions will be added to the road map, as well as rising the limit at some point.

  • judge


    The fact that you don't need to set up an account is really appealing; I like that it's ready to go right away.

  • judge


    Worked very well and is very useful. My "test" turned into a 45 minute conversation and even though it dropped out in the middle, we just refreshed and were back in. Pretty common use of WebRTC, nothing necessarily novel or mind blowing but very functional and complete.

  • judge


    Good idea, seems like a good use case with a known, defined user

  • contestant

    Ha cool! We developed a similar thing at except it's WebRTC karaoke. Great project

  • judge

    Nodejitsu Inc.

    Useful but from my perspective not different enough from say hangouts. Usually the people your talking to are already in the friends list of either hangout or skype. More social integration with like twitter or similar would have been a big plus

    • kuryaki

      Thanks for your feedback, you are right Grwp is more focused on anonymous kind of conversations like job interviews, random assembled groups in online games or school, etc,

    • dscastillo171

      Thank for your feedback, however we actually think that what makes our application unique is that you don't need a rooster of friends as you do in Hangouts.

      We imagine use cases were you don't want to add someone to your contacts list in order to talk with them, for example when you are conducting a large number of interviews, or while playing games online with people you recently met.

      Regarding Hangouts and social integration, we also believe that another strength of Grwp is that you and the people you are taking to don't need any type of account to use it. You can't expect everyone to have a Gmail account ;)

  • contestant


    awesome! It's good use for me.

  • contestant


  • contestant

    very smart way by webRTC, cool idea, and high completion. but it could not communicate with mobile. Browser runs well.

    • dscastillo171

      Thanks for your feedback. Our app won't work with browsers without WebRTC support, that may be the case with mobile browsers.

      On another note, we are sure that we followed all of the listed rules, which one did we miss?

    • kuryaki

      Excuse me, but how is our website no NKO compliant?

    • clonncd

      after confirmed, already comment.

  • contestant


    I will definetly use this in the future - thanks! :)

  • contestant

    Awesome project, like the easiness of it! Seems to working in a wide range of browsers as well.

  • contestant
  • judge


    The webrtc factor of the app worked great. While it's not mindblowing it's a pretty useful throw down group chat.

    I didn't give too high in design because of two reasons. It was a clean design, but it wasn't really clear at first what kind of group was going on. Just saying, start new audio chat by sharing this link with friends would go a long way. I was also confused about the mic status. I had it muted for a few seconds before I figured it out.

    From what I could tell the app was 100% it delivered exactly what it said it would in the judging description.

  • contestant


    Worked great for me! The onboarding flow was very simple. I particularly liked the 'allow access to your mic' thing, as I would have likely missed that otherwise.


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