Killer virus-spider bomber :)Warsaw, Poland

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Killer virus-spider bomber :)

By Dumplings

Quick Intro

bomberman-like multiplayer game!

  • CTRL - place a bomb.
  • ARROWS - move your player
  • KEYS - type messages in chat

Try catch up some mixtues on, and kill as many spiders as you can. Everything stays in ranking!

Judging Instructions

If no one currently on map - please find some at least one companion :) and play. Do not use new tab to play - because of shared cookie problem, use incognito mode for second player on the same machine.

What they Used,, mongojs (mongolab), underscore, express, ejs



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  • judge

    Enclave Games

    Simple, not quite original, but complete and fun to play, so overall experience is good.

  • contestant

    This is cool -- a real time multiplayer is neat.

    I had a lot of trouble with gameplay (you should discretize the player locations.

    Also, random AI's would be great and easy to implement, no one for me to play against.

  • judge

    I enjoyed playing, but still some kinks to iron out some time: my player hangs on the rocks sometimes and on osx using crtl can get messy.

    Would love to see a version of this after the nko where these things are addressed, would be awesome

  • judge


    Really fun. Key bindings need some fixes - I kept swapping screens on OS X. Having to refresh after I die was kinda annoying.

    I really enjoyed playing this game with friends.

  • judge

    This was a really fun game! As others have noted the controls were very problematic on a mac--I kept swapping screens.

    However, for a weekend effort it was really great to see a fully playable multiplayer game, complete with music! While a straightforward game, it was definitely engaging to to try to figure out the best places to put bombs.

  • judge

    CTRL+[arrow] overlaps with a variety of default keyboard shortcuts on Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and other Linux distros. Although I had a lot of fun playing, it was awkward to suddenly find myself moved to a different desktop because I had placed a bomb while moving.

    • kamil

      We had the same problem ( dev on macos ) but we have to quickly to change bomb placing from space key to ctrl because of chat typing in-game. I agree poor decision, but we decided to do this at the same end of time :)

  • judge


    Quite fun, and it works well!

  • judge App Studio LLC

  • judge


    Pretty cool game, great effort in a couple of days.

    Navigation is a bit rough but great start, had a bit of fun racing around blowing stuff up.


  • judge

    This has great potential! Better navigation (snapping to the wall grid) would make this a lot more fun but I'm sure you know that. Excellent work.

  • judge

    Fun to play! The controls were a little difficult on Mac as hitting Ctrl and then an arrow key switched my desktop away from the game resulting in me blowing myself up on a few occasions :)

  • judge

    CompliSpace Technology Pty Ltd

  • contestant

    I loved the old bomberman games and this looks like fun. I just wish I could actually play it. It seems that there's only one board and it was already cleared by early judges. It would be great if that was reset.

    • kamil

      I did reset as you asked, we have problem with auto reseting map.

  • judge

    Nodejitsu Inc.

    Fun, but movement should be more fluent, collision detection could be smoothed out a bit

  • contestant


    A nice bomber clone - the bombs go trough wooden block which is kind of misquiding.

  • contestant

    didn't work for me, looks good in the demo though!

  • contestant

    the sync with error issue when i open 2 tabs in same laptop. It is a group game similar with pocket man .

    • kamil

      Unfortunately, we have used cookie as player ID, so you have to open second browser or chrome incognito tab to play. But consider to invite a friend to play with you :)

  • contestant

    Velocity Partners

  • contestant



  • contestant

    Cool game, played something similar a while a go so didn't feel that innovative. Design could need a second iteration, but damn, always funny with a web-based multiplayer game. good work guys and gals!

  • contestant

    Nice. I like how everybody is a dumpling.

  • judge

    Cool game. I am really impressed with how smooth and compatible it is when onyl made in 48 hours; great job. If you polish your game a little but more, I would consider this a replacement bomberman online.

  • contestant

    Leaderboards, animations, powerups, and more?! Looks like you guys got a lot done


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