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Pads and Chords

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Quick Intro

A real-time interactive frog experience.


Harness your inner frog and submerse yourself in a pond where you can interact with other frogs in real time, by swimming, jumping and croaking.

Judging Instructions

The app relies on HTML5 canvas, audio and transitions. Chrome 29, FireFox 23 or Safari 5.1 are recommended.

What they Used

redis, primus, websockets, express, stylus, jade, backbone



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Other Votes

  • contestant


    Cute idea, it would have been nice if the frog had an objective.

  • contestant


    Great design. I wasn't really able to get the game to work, though. One room apparently had 10 people in it but was always a blank screen, and I wasn't able to move my frog with the arrow keys (though I could jump).

  • contestant


    This is soooo pretty - not really fun but soooo pretty :)

  • judge


    real-time croaking :)

  • judge


    Good base work for a weekend. Could use some more gameplay, of course.

  • contestant

    Arrow keys do not work in FF 25.

  • judge

    Nice sound design, but the interactivity felt a little limited.

  • contestant

    Pretty fun but I was a lonely little frog with no one else in there :( I was confused by the controls at first however (hence the lowish design vote). It would have been more clear if we saw the frog face a new direction on arrow key use. That said, I jumped on every rock and lilly pad until the screen was empty!

  • contestant


    Nice little app - and with good artwork! The controls weren't immediately obvious to me - I thought the arrows would move me immediately; didn't know I had to jump to get anywhere. Thought it was broken at first. I guess I just don't think enough like a frog ;)

    The croak sound effects were a funny addition. Unfortunately there was nobody else in the 'pond' w/ me when I was around so I couldn't really see what happened when there are more clients logged in.

    Nice hack :)

  • contestant

    It looks like a good start to something (an experience; a game?), but it's not that interesting so far.

    The controls feel clunky. Why can't I just use the arrow keys to move?

  • contestant

    The game didnt work for me at all. None of the controls didn anything :,(


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