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IRC Racer

By Code Farmers

Quick Intro

Bet on racers driven by word usage in IRC


Bet on racers driven by word usage in IRC. Must be logged in to view races.

Judging Instructions

Bet on racers driven by word usage in IRC. Must be logged in to view races.

What they Used

IRC, Twitter (word usage stats), node-irc, browserify, journeyman, rudder, lightning_strike and



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  • contestant
  • contestant

    fun +!

  • judge

    Filter Squad

    Neat idea that seems fun - but I couldn't get log in working for me so couldn't test that portion of the app / betting - hence the lost points in completeness.

    It'd be cool to see the irc chat / whats triggering the score, since that's driving it behind the scenes but doesn't appear exposed at all?

  • judge

    10gen, MongoDB Company

    Fun little app :)

  • judge


    While the idea is novel, I didn't find it that entertaining. I'm probably not the intended audience though, since I've never been that much of a fan of betting games like this. Basing it off IRC is cool though.

  • contestant


    You should be able to do sth interesting with the won tokens :)

  • contestant


    Liked the competitive betting aspect. Wasn't clear what was being used to determine what car won.

    • bthesorceror

      Word usage in IRC channels, each car has a list of randomly assign words.

  • contestant

    Pretty fun. I like that you take IRC into account. Kewl little project.

  • judge


    Reminds me of between inning megatron games! would be more fun if 1) i could see which words each racer is watching; 2) i could see IRC traffic streaming by in some way; 3) slicker UI for betting; 4) more celebration when i win!

  • judge


    Looks like you guys were able to build the program well. It doesn't seem like the concept is particularly novel. Definitely feels like playing a carnival game.

  • contestant

    Good fun

  • contestant

    I think your project is really cool, i like it a lot. Your UI was larger than my screen though, so I initially couldn't figure out how to bet and the finish line is off the screen as well so I took some points off for that but overall I really enjoyed what you had here.

  • contestant


    sorry, didn't get how to play :(

    • bthesorceror

      Sorry, there was only instructions on the description and not on the site. Basically you can bet at the bottom between races. You do have to be logged in to view the races.


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