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By Cheesebreeger

Quick Intro

Real-time Broken Telephone over WebRTC. Play Broken Telephone or submit text to be 'broken' using Twitter @BrokenTele or #BrokenTele.


BrokenTele uses real-time, human powered text-to-speech-to-text for online Broken Telephone. We take submitted tweets, give them to players and then spit the clusterfunk of results back to Twitter.

Judging Instructions

Visit App - http://cheesebreeger.2013.nodeknockout.com

Note: To play, you need 2 or more active users. Get a friend to join if there is no activity when you visit.

Play Broken Telephone to get started, you'll either be reading text out loud for a player to write down, or you'll be listening to a player reading a tweet for you to write out.

To submit text for mangling, first authorize, then tweet to @BrokenTele or #BrokenTele.

BrokenTele works on recent versions of Chrome and Firefox (desktop). Opera, Firefox-on-Android, and Chrome-on-Android might work, too...

@Jawerty tweeted: https://twitter.com/Jawerty/status/400088292172894208
... Users paired up -> one reads aloud, and one types...
@Jawerty tweeted result: https://twitter.com/Jawerty/status/400102602173464576
Communication failure: success!

For further clarification we also wrote an article on what BrokenTele does: http://tmblr.co/Zdwabs_P1Cch

What they Used

@muaz-khan's WebRTC-Experiment https://github.com/muaz-khan/WebRTC-Experiment
Built on Sails.JS - http://sailsjs.org
Socket.IO for WebRTC signalling (using code effectively lifted from @muaz-khan)
Twitter API (Passport for auth integration)
Bootstrap, jQuery, and a few plugins
MongoDB, Redis



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  • judge


    Neat way to demonstrate WebRTC capability. Functionally pointless but a bit fun none the less.

  • contestant

    Fagbokforlaget V&B AS

    Classic! I can imagine old telephone exchange routing come alive with this in form of people doing TTS. Not bad idea for quality TTS. Good work.

  • contestant
  • contestant


    awesome, guys!

    • timripley

      Thanks! We're glad you like it.

  • contestant

    Audio is always engaging, I Liked the idea, there was no one for me to pair with.

    • timripley

      Hi thirdknife, I'm sorry there was no one for you to play with, I'll be on there at 8pm PST today if you want to give it another shot.

  • judge


    used chrome for using cheesebreeger. it worked.

  • judge

    This seems cute and potentially fun, but it keeps erroring out, so I can't really tell. The one time I did manage to get it to work, it didn't show me the result, or anyone else's. Not sure if there might have been more to it?

    • timripley

      Hey @garannm, sorry to hear it was erroring out, the game relies on there being other players so maybe there just wasn't anyone on the first time you tried. If you managed to get it to work it means you either were reading a tweet submitted to be 'broken' or you were listening to another player read a tweet for you to 'break'. We retweet all the 'broken' tweets to https://twitter.com/BrokenTele so have a look and see who's tweet you 'broke'. We'd really appreciate it if you took another look, either submitting a tweet to be 'broken' by authorizing and using #brokentele or arranging to play when someone else is on the site.

  • judge

    Pretty good job. I think the instructions should be more clear on how to play. It's a good idea, I just don't think the overall game is initially clear enough.

  • contestant


    • timripley

      Thanks for voting Danioso!

  • contestant


    Fun idea, plus I like your screen cast! I also like the design it's really simple and clean.

    • timripley

      Thanks Nicole and I'm glad you like the screencast, nothing beats sock puppets.


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