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By carnot

Quick Intro is Gravatar for company logos. Gravatar : md5(email) :: : domain.


Provides company logos based on domains, much like Gravatar provides avatar for given md5(email). Google-auth is supposed to allow domain owners to upload new avatars, but the last deploy failed and that part is currently not working...

Judging Instructions

sign up process is broken. my last deploy broke something and the only thing you can try out is the live demo, and you can try different urls like: etc... just replace the domain name and add .png at the end.

What they Used


  • express - framework
  • jade - html
  • angularjs - front end js
  • knox - s3
  • rollbar - errors
  • formidable - image uploads
  • passport - google auth




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  • judge


    Good idea, something like this could definitely be useful with some more polish.

  • contestant
  • judge

    Seems like a neat concept. I see the utility in this. I spend allot of time looking for logos to use either in presentations. For group collaboration apps it would be handy to have a canonical source for company/team logos. I'd give it higher marks if the getting started process was simpler. Perhaps scrape the domain for files named logo or use the fav.ico if the company hasn't uploaded a file yet.

    • hc5duke

      Thanks for your feedback. Using favicon as fallback is a great suggestion - one thing I did consider was using "apple-touch-icon" since they tend to be larger, but favicon would be more universal.

  • contestant

    Nice design, easy to use

  • contestant
  • judge


    While the idea behind gravatar was always novel, the usefulness was ruined because people had to manually go sign up for gravatar and then manage another account on another system. And even to this day, the general population just avoids it like it's a plague.

    Utility/Fun: On the rare case that I've needed my company logo as an "avatar", I've just one-off uploaded it to the service that needs it. I'm not convinced on the usefulness of this entry.

    Design: Looks like everything was pulled straight from a startbootstrap and stock photos.

    Innovation: What's special and new here?

    Completeness: As admitted in the description, this was broken/incomplete.

    • hc5duke

      Re: Utility - the use case where I had needed/wanted this was actually the reverse of what you describe. I was building a CMS-like admin/tools page where different users and organizations were being tracked and displayed. Each user had an avatar, but none for the orgs, and that was the rationale behind building out this project.

      Re: Design - yup, I did say exactly that in my descriptions. I thought it looked presentable at least, but to each his own.

  • contestant

    I love the idea, but all of the urls I tried gave me exactly the same logo

    • hc5duke

      Thanks for the feedback. That is actually the "default" logo when no image has been uploaded for that domain, sorry it wasn't very clear. I'll update that image.

  • contestant


    Pretty nice - and just works - good job! :)

  • contestant

    Well presented and works very well.

  • judge

    The Node Firm

  • contestant

    Focus the Web

    Nice idea, I always liked Gravatar, love the idea to apply it to companies logos.


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