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By Brendanna

Quick Intro

Web-based IDE for programming NodeBots


NodeBots are Arduino-based robots programmed using NodeJS.

The aim of NodeBoteer is to provide an online environment for developing NodeBots projects.

The app manages projects which include JS files (for controlling bots using Johnny-Five), markdown files (e.g. for instructions and parts lists) and OpenJSCAD files for modelling custom robot parts like wheels, tracks and arms. We use the Ace editor to provide an editor for these files. Each project may be private or public and may be shared between users.

We are working on integrating NodeBoteer with a chrome-extension that will allow the robots to be controlled by running the JS programs directly from the browser (via the chrome serial API). This will make it easier for us to teach NodeBots concepts at workshop events because participants will only need to install the Chrome extension rather than having to install NodeJS, Johnny-Five and a code editor to get started.

We also hope to add a feature to publish / retrieve files from GitHub.

We ran out of time to get everything working this weekend, but we'll be developing the app further after the competition for use at NodeBots days and to integrate with the exercises at

Our app has been inspired by which is for programming Arduinos from the browser using C

What they Used
  • Ace editor
  • Johnny-Five
  • OpenJSCAD
  • marked
  • drywall site template, which includes

    • Boostrap
    • FontAwesome
    • jQuery
    • Underscore.js
    • Backbone.js
    • Express
    • Jade
    • Passport for GitHub and Facebook OAuth support for logins
    • Mongoose
    • Async
    • EmailJS


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