Typeless: We'll find your type with out all the typing. Vancouver, Canada

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Typeless: We'll find your type with out all the typing.

By Boltzmann

Quick Intro

Find Mr. or Ms. right without all the typing. Users of this application can find other people to meet by viewing profiles and a date will be created when a match is made.


Online dating is horrible. If you are a girl you get swamped with hundreds of messages and if you are a guy you are forced to spam out messages to get noticed. This application is designed to eliminate the typing and just allow you to browser other user profiles based on your preferences and location. If two people want to meet each other a meeting is automatically arranged at a coffee shop between the two parties.

Judging Instructions

Sign up and browser other user profiles. When you find someone you want to meet click the meet button. At this point you can schedule a meeting with the person, by accessing the meeting from the meeting page. A meeting is only available when two people both agree to meet each other.

What they Used

express, foursquare, geocaching, mysql



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  • contestant


    So many forms!

  • contestant

    After review the whole entries directory I've changed my scales

  • contestant


    I though which is unique idea, so expect input filed is too. I hope I will type these will be exciting. Thanks

  • contestant

    Site was down. I don't see how this differs from any other dating site.

    • dennycd

      sorry for site down. it is back online now

  • contestant

    Oh no! Your site is down (at the moment) and there's no pitch video (yet?). Let me know if it comes back up and I'll revisit my scores.

    • dennycd

      hey Sean, our site is back again, thanks for reviewing ;)

    • EndangeredMassa

      Hrm. There appear to either be no seeded personalities. When I create a profile, I only see my own profile in the Browser Profiles. And, I can click Meet/Pass on my own profile, which does nothing.

      From what I can see, this doesn't do anything so far.

  • contestant

    Making the meeting phase more rapid is an interesting concept. Good job guys!


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