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By BearBro

Quick Intro

Short videos in the inbox of your friends


Web app and service to take videos with the browser and convert them to gif and sprites. You can send all these short gif to the email inbox of your friends, family and enemies ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Judging Instructions

Take short video clips like these:

  • You need Chrome
  • Register and you will be redirected to the "Play" section.
  • The browser will ask you to allow the camera to be used, say allow :)
  • Record 3 short video clips doing whatever you want, you have 3 seconds for each one. Click the orange button "Start" and get ready to take the videos :)
  • Apply any filter to your 3 new short videos and save them.
  • Please wait 8 or 10 seconds to allow the server process the images and see them in your account, you will be able to send any of your new videos to your friends in the "My Moods" section. Please do it, its funny :)
What they Used

Bootstrap, Fontawesome, Camanjs, Moongose, Expressjs, jQuery, MandrillApp, Moment, Mongolab, Redis, ImageMagick, Isotope, Yeoman, Grunt, Lodash, WebRTC



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  • judge


  • judge


    I was able to record just fine, but I could never get past the filter stage of things -- the recordings just turned black. It's a cool idea, wish I could get it to work.

  • judge

    Looks pretty fun, but I would suggest allowing the user add subtitles to the images.

  • judge

    Very novel idea. Kudos for that. Nice use of technology too. I honestly don't see the utility or fun it though. Maybe I lack imagination. Other than that though, as a weekend project, well done.

  • contestant


    Great idea!!! I like it!

  • contestant

    good stuff, really like the idea!

  • judge


    Cool concept, I can see teens using this

  • judge

    This is the best app I've seen so far, awesome work. It has somewhat of a 'vine but for the web' feel, if you make a mobile website/app I think you could really kick this off into a nice startup. Bravo, BearBro.

    • danioso

      Nice comments thank you :') We laugh a lot doing it

      We will release the app with a lot of improvements and also with a mobile app, in a couple of days, just keep in touch

    • Jawerty

      Great, I'll be sure to check that out.

  • contestant


    I really like the clean design. Good job!

  • contestant


    Great effects, got a little lost sometimes, but great job!

    • danioso

      Thanks for voting! We were also lost with some things, but we had a lot of fun :)

  • contestant
  • contestant

    This was lots of fun, I love animated images and I would use this in the wild.

    Took some design points out because I couldn't see which mood was being highlighted so all my moods were wrong. Also, I couldn't retry after messing it up.

    There was also another point where some resources were failing to load, i think they were other peoples' gifs but i can't be sure.

    Thanks for making this, i thought it was fun.

    • danioso

      Thank you, I'm glad you like it and thanks for your comments, we will do a better version next week because we also are having a lot of fun with it.

      We will fix the points you mentioned :) Follow the twitter account and we will send you a link to a new app later


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