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By Bazinga!

Quick Intro

Run vmstat, iostat, <any>stat remotely and chart it on your browser.


Runs *stat command - possibly remotely - and opens a browser with charts for the metrics (made with rickshaw/d3). Charts are updated realtime via

Supports vm_stat and iostat on mac, vmstat on linux and other tools via simple json config file.

Judging Instructions

Revised instructions:

open our application

You'll be looking at the output for a pre-recorded vmstat session on a mac.

For now, the code should not be visible to judges, so, it wont be possible to follow the instructions below.

The submitted application is a command line tool. If you could launch it on your machine, here are some of the commands you could use:

Watch a local vmstat collecting samples every 1 s

node server.js vmstat 1

Watch a local iostat collecting samples every 1 s

node server.js iostat 1

Watch a remove vmstat collecting samples every 3 s

node server.js --via "ssh" vmstat 3

Watch an unknown tool configured with a user specified config file, don't open a new browser

node server.js --no-open --json config-samples/mac-vmstat.json vmstat 1

Original instructions:

Install project:

git clone && cd ./bazinga/
npm install
node_modules/.bin/bower install

To run locally, mac or linux:

 node server.js vmstat

To run remotely:

node server.js -via "ssh" vmstat
What they Used

Libraries: Restify Socket.IO angular.js Rickshaw / D3 Lodash Handlebars * optimist

angular, lodash and handlebars were only used to speed up development, probably not used at all for a final product.

CSS Toolkit: Ink (Includes Font Awesome)



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  • judge

    Looks kinda handy, but isn't a particularly original use for node.

  • judge


    Hard to tell completeness, but will still give a good completeness score.

  • judge


    This is a really great node.js use case. I could definitely see this being integrated into a monitoring tool/suite. Solid execution - I was able to get it going locally myself.

  • contestant
  • judge

    Very cool app and it looks like it could be really useful! The UI could use a little polish but it is nice. Great use of for feeding down the realtime data.

    Would be nice to be able to record and play back the results. Another useful feature would be some sort of visual alerts.

    • rogeriopvl

      Thank you for the feedback!

      The results play back is already a planned feature to be added when the competition ends. The visual alerts are definitely an interesting feature worth of adding as well :)

  • judge

    Pushd, Inc.

    Demo looks good, instructions seem clear and useful. Wish I could load it myself, but good work!

    • rogeriopvl

      Thank you for the feedback! We're glad you liked it :)

      We'll be releasing this polished after the competition ends.

  • judge
  • contestant


  • contestant

    Good idea

  • contestant


  • contestant

    Pretty useful for status pages.

  • contestant
  • judge

    Applied Geographics

    idea was nice but I couldn't clone it

    • luismreis

      Hi, why couldn't you clone it ? Permission problems ? Any Github issue ?

    • CWMma

      this is the repo that the instructions are telling me to clone 404

    • luismreis

      Can you try "git clone" ? https isn't working for me either. Should it be open/public ?

    • luismreis

      Hi @CWMma, as it turns out, you are not supposed to be able to view the source code. The instructions have been updated.

  • contestant
  • contestant



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