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By Bad kitty!

Quick Intro

Realtime collaboration for the remote teams


CoffeePoint allows it's users to create topics and discuss them. Topics can be plain text (markdown) or todo-styled. Comments now only in plain text.

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Login with your facebook or twitter account and enjoy the conversation =)

What they Used

First of all, @dolphin278, @glukki and @sitnin =)

Next: Node.js, MongoDb (by MongoLab) and Bootstrap

At last not at least: Express, Nunjucks, Auth0, Passport, Firebase, Mongoose, Mocha, Request and Grunt



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  • contestant


    Couldn't login - redirect to :/

  • contestant

    After sign up it sends me to And I wanted to see some new UX ideas to simplify collaboration, but there is not. Sorry:(

  • contestant


    Had trouble log in added a few things, couldn't cross them off, or remove them and then it looked like it crashed on me. Liked the nice and simple UI though, hopefully it works better for others.

  • contestant

    I like list apps, it's cool for keeping people on track. Unfortunately, this app didn't really seem to work all that well. It was buggy, and I couldn't figure out the difference between a todo and an action... except there was nothing else I could do with an action.

    Overall though, good job!

  • contestant

    Hacker School

    This feels pretty incomplete =(. I unfortunately wasn't able to sign in – any attempts redirected me to (presumably for development?), and manually munging the URL led to an internal server error.

    I wish you had a demo video!

  • contestant

    First tired to bring me to localhost than crashed.


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