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Gift Horse

By axias

Quick Intro

Track the gifts people give you on your phone, tablet, or desktop. View stats about your gifts, gift givers, and automatically write custom personal thank you notes to people.


Gift Horse lets you quickly record the items people give you at events such as birthday parties, holidays, baby showers, weddings and more. Automatic lookup of gift information by barcode image and UPC makes entering data a breeze. A tounge-in-cheek "dark side" mode lets you view stats about the gifts you have gotten, the people who have given you gifts, a re-gifting recommendation tool, and an automatic thank you note generator.

Judging Instructions

Visit on your phone, tablet, or desktop and sign in with Facebook. Several sample events are pre-populated so you can exercise the application without needing to add your information.

Feel free to add events, add items by name, picture, or UPC, and check out the "dark side" view for stats and entertaining tools. The app is fully functional except that we won't write handwritten thank you notes for you yet.

Developed and tested on Chrome, Firefox, iOS Chrome, iOS Safari, Android Chrome, and Windows Phone.

Known bugs found after submission:

  1. Saving a gift without a picture doesn't work
  2. Values aren't being pulled from Amazon correctly for barcode picture gifts
What they Used

The Backend:

  • Geddy
  • Node.js
  • ZBar-Tools for barcode image recognition and parsing
  • Amazon's UPC/EAN/ISBN lookup API for product information
  • MongoDB for data
  • Formidable for parsing form uploads

The Frontend:

  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Icons from Font Awesome and Zocial
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap Tagsinput
  • date.js
  • lodash
  • JQuery Validate


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  • judge


    So close, amazon or saving without photo would have been killer.

  • judge


    Cute concept. Barcode scanner is a nice touch.

  • judge

    This is a really useful app. As a woman throws bridal showers/baby showers/any kind of shower, this is a really genius and helpful thing. Keeps everything super organized and easily readable then having to write everything down. Love it! Good job!

  • contestant

    Even if I had any friends who would give me any gifts, I don't think I'd be that materialistic to use it :(

  • judge


    I am probably not the target audience for this as I don't really use facebook or would keep track of gifts like this -- but it could be handy for someone that did.

  • judge


    I feel like the people who would be most likely to use a gift tracking app (aka my mom) might find this one a bit mean, but it's entertaining.

    I had some trouble adding guests to my event (and adding gifts without a picture, but then I saw you had that on your list of known bugs). I wish the Facebook message had worked -- it would have been fun to confuse people with thank-you-notes from an imaginary pony party.

  • contestant

    I think this is a nice idea, but I feel like I don't get enough gifts to make regular use of something like this. Maybe I just don't have good enough friends :p.

    Snappy UI, and looks like you've implemented all the needed features.

  • contestant


    Nice job!

  • judge

    I managed to sign up ok, and definitely understand the use of facebook here as that just makes sense given the application Gift Horse is.

    I did get a little confused trying to add an item that someone might have "given" me. If you are taking this forward I'd consider adding a big button / link that draws people in to record a gift right at the beginning. If they haven't yet created an event, get them to do that along the way.

    Also, I think there is a real opportunity to use some of the new media capture APIs that are available in the browser which would have definitely added some wow factor. Admittedly it would have meant that users would have to be either using Chrome or Firefox, but given the competition audience that's probably not too big a problem :)

  • judge


    Hey guys,

    This looks great fun :). Will try to remember to use it in future.

    You could have done with a little more polish on the event view, but otherwise it was excellent.

  • judge


    Nice tech stack and design

  • judge


    Great idea, aggregating gift data. The Dark Side is a fun component, very nicely done. I would like for the modals to be dismissable with the Esc key. :)

  • judge



  • contestant


    great work.

  • judge


  • judge
  • contestant

    Interesting idea. I can imagine this could be useful for some people...Be lucky!

  • contestant

    Awesome how much you archived in 48 hours. I love it, especially the dark side.

  • contestant


    LIke the idea and some nice Facebook integration but some functions wouldn't work for me including adding an item to an event, adding recipients to the heartless thank you writer and the regifter didn't seem to work.

  • contestant

    Great to see a complete app! Viewing your friends based on how much you liked their gifts is a nice touch!

  • contestant

    That sounds like a great idea. I like that you also have the note writing set up.

    For an app that is described as allowing you to add items quickly, it sure does take a lot of clicks to add an item. I was hoping for a much more streamlined process.

    The light/dark side was very confusing. The UI in general could have been more clear.

  • contestant


    Haha, this is awesome! I wish it had been around when I got married over the summer. Sure would've made things easier. One thing i notice is the Templates for emails always says christmas. That was probably an oversight, but you forced me to nitpick by not leaving anything undone. ;) Would love to see the barcode integration working, and at some point get it working for the webcam, or a barcode scanner, but it was 48 hours so that's understandable. Didn't get to rigorously test it, like if the message send or not, but it looks good guys.

  • judge

    The most complete and demo-worthy app I've seen.

    • crothe

      Thanks a bunch!

  • judge


    useful. I was able to pull FB friends right away. I liked the dark side. :D

    • crothe

      Thank you! We like the dark side too... of the app that is.

  • contestant


    I really like the dark side - this part is the most useful (and fun! :)). The interface is a little "clunky" though - cleaning it up would make the app sooooo much more readable and actually attractive to use.

    • crothe

      Thanks for the feedback! Would you mind elaborating on what you thought could be cleaned up on the dark side? Would love to incorporate some feedback.


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