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Brute Force

By Apulian Programmers

Quick Intro

Brute Force is a very addictive multiplayer game in which the firts player that guess the password is the winner.


The game is very simple, the player need just to login with Facebook and type a password again and again until he/her guess the correct password. The game have a ranking with the top ten players.

Judging Instructions

Go on website. Login with Facebook. Play!

What they Used

Node.js, ExpressJS, Passport, Underscore, Cloack, AngularJS, Buzz, Yo, Bower, Grunt, Mocha, Expect.js, Facebook API.



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  • judge


    Interesting concept for the game, but I could see how people wouldn't want to use it as it seems a little "phishy" to me. I tested it and solved the word, but it just sat there. Nothing happened after that.. (also not a big fan of auto redirecting for auth after visiting)

  • contestant
  • contestant


    Got the word correct but after that nothing happened and going back to the site didn't seem to do anything.

    A little to easy to cheat by randomly cycling through all letters, maybe do word verification.

    Redirecting to facebook on page load makes it seem like a phishing attempt.

  • judge App Studio LLC

    Could be a lot more fun. It's kind of boring to just type letters until some match. It does look cool though, and the Matrix background is pretty cool. I think a Hangman or Mastermind clone would be more innovative, and that would just be copying another game. It does seem like it is complete, though too simple.

  • judge

    Cool idea, very simple to play and definitely addicting. A little boring though

    Nice UX, and the sound effect is very cool. Game play is very intuitive.

    The game was fun, though it did not end when I put the correct word: (see image below)

  • judge

    Not immediately clear what the goal is or how to use the app. had to come back and read the description to understand. No visual feedback. Sound is a little annoying. Seems broken, likely because there's no other player?

  • contestant

    fun stuff !

  • contestant

    I love simple idea. You should populate this as a mobile app. I believe people love it.

  • contestant

    Nice design, but the overall game isn't that fun to me.

  • contestant


    Simple and fun for 2 minutes :) Some more gamification elements and mobile apps and this can get viral :)


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