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npm pulse

By Applejacks

Quick Intro

Check the pulse of any npm module to see how popular and active it is. Determine which module to use quickly by checking its pulse.


npm pulse provides a quick look at aggregated data for a module using both npm's registry and GitHub's API.

Judging Instructions

Just enter the name of a module to check its pulse. <3

What they Used

The back end is built on Sails, the front end uses NVD3 and bootstrap. npm pulse also takes advantage of the npm and GitHub APIs.



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  • judge


    I like the concept and I really like the contributor view and donut graph. However, I think the bigger problem is finding which module to check the pulse of. I'm a heavy user of which attempts to help with discovery as well as applying a rating to help you decide the quality of a module. Linking the two together would have been really interesting.

    Great job! I love to see more people trying to tackle the module overload issue.

  • judge

    Filter Squad

    Very useful as a tool for someone who isn't a huge node developer - being able to quickly verify the popularity of libraries. I like the fact you take into account things more than just the download count - which are important when making key decisions about what to use.

  • judge

    10gen, MongoDB Company

    This would be totally awesome if you keep extending it with historical data and let us correlate it with social media information (say there is a lot of chatter about redis one day, relate the chatter with download information etc). I could totally see myself using this after it's polished. But where is my mongodb npm moduel :D.

  • judge


    This is cool for some quick statistics! I did run into a bug where no modules would load, but a refresh fixed it. Being able to see the contributor-to-commit ratio as neat.

  • contestant

    Tried with async, keypress, my own projects, but no results

    After review the whole entries directory I've changed my scales

  • contestant

    First thing: The core journey behind this app, checking how active a module and its maintainer is, is something I do manually when I decide whether to use a new module. Unfortunately, it's something I have absolutely no difficultly doing quickly, so I'm not sure what your app really adds to my workflow.

    On the other hand, it's a good UI, although a bit buggy (I've had it fail to find existing modules a number of times but then find them fine the second or third time). I also like the number of APIs you plugged in, and for what the app does it does it well. :)

  • contestant

    BMK Solutions

    Awesome useful idea. I searched for a couple of modules but they were not found, but from the video, it looks great :)

  • contestant

    I tried two different npm modules (node-fs and dox) and I always got a message saying that the project was not found.

    Only after retrying I was able to see the "pulse".

  • contestant

    Very cool. Coultnd find a few of the smaller modules but thatd make sense if your cahing all your data somewhere, maybe you havnt parsed them yet. Would love to see this stay around - if you added a 'latest' commit feature that would make it very useful for determining weather its active/usable.

  • judge


    Utility/Fun: The idea in principle is way more useful than the current implementation. If I am going to "determine which module to use quickly by checking its pulse" then comparison and categorization are much more useful operations than search

    Design: Looks nice. I like how you re-rendered the Github graphs and include gravatars.

    Innovation: I've seen about a half a dozen of projects like this and they're always a great start, but never fleshed out with enough features to make them truly useful beyond eye-candy. Hopefully you guys can stick with it and really do something with it!

    Completeness: Definitely looking for more here. There are a couple of more subtle (but important bugs) that I found:

    1. Many projects are simply "not found" when searched for.

    2. "Initial release" is fetched from npm. You should join Github tags and npm releases. Many older projects (like npm) have unpublished their older versions to npm.

    3. Total downloads is really just "Downloads in the last Month"

    4. Popularity index really confuses me. How can something be "22.0350/1"?

    All that being said: good job. The "what modules should I use question?" is really important to answer.

  • judge

    The concept is interesting, but it seems you'd get basically the same info on GitHub. There's also no mention of what the graph is supposed to be?

  • contestant



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