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By Antele

Quick Intro

A visual tool to join different data sources.


StreamIO makes it easy for a non-technical analyst to combine different data sources from different origin, and output a single data stream where it can be processed further. Makes it easier to understand, visualize and follow the process of combining huge amounts of different data sources.

Judging Instructions
  1. Create a stream and play a around
  2. pitching_stream is one stream we created that actually has existing data!

The result data is currently stored locally and not returned to the browser, we'll change this once we add remote data sources too. Chrome probably works best.

What they Used

Node, Express, Angular, PlumbJS, Forage



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  • judge

    Really awesome design of the website! Definitely see how this could be useful as well. Good job!

  • judge

    Project Propeller

    Terrific idea and possible market area to focus on.

  • judge

    Like the concept - boxes and wires - well designed. Not entirely sold on the utility, particularly on the non-technical piece.

  • judge

    This shows some promise - the UI for arranging/connecting the nodes is quite nice. It's difficult to use when there's no way to preview the output (or the input) without running the full stream though.

    Perhaps it's worth considering moving some of the processing functionality client-side to speed up the feedback a little bit?

  • contestant

    Great project. Where does the data go in the pitching_stream example? How can I view it?

  • contestant

    Can imagine the fun when you will add remote data sources support!

  • contestant
  • judge

    Reminds me of Yahoo pipes except that it's for local files. Could be an awesome OSS Yahoo pipes clone. I really like the CSS3 effects, that adds a nice wow factor.

  • judge


    Seems like a really interesting concept, but I couldn't figure out how to do basically anything on my own in the application.

  • contestant


    I loved the left menu! I missed a way to export the generate data.

  • contestant

    Love all the effects in this app! Very inspiring and would be cool to see the alive some day.

  • judge


  • contestant


    This is a really cool idea. The visual effect is nice. However, I could not seem to get it working. Running the stream does nothing for me.

  • contestant


    A nice idea - the design could be upped a notched. Also didn't got the output file.


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